2060 - Year of the AI (Renraku Arcology Shutdown)

  • Feb 3: Renraku CEO Inazo Aneki begins an indefinite leave of absence. Haruhiko Nakada takes over as Interim CEO.
  • Mar 19: A virus of unknown origin attacks Seattle's Matrix RTG. People accessing the RTG suffer memory loss, psychotic episodes or brain death. The attack lasts for eleven minutes, then ends with no explanation or after effects.
  • Mar 26: Navroz Chandaria, one of Renraku's Corporate Court reps, dies in a terrorist bombing in New Delhi.
  • Apr 5: Shikei Nakatomi of Fuchi purchases four million shares of stock in Renraku from the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank. Renraku begins acquiring large portions of Fuchi.
  • Apr 15: Yves Aquillon of Cross Applied Technologies gains the Corporate Court seat left vacant by Chandaria's death.
  • Jun 7: Korin Yamana of Fuchi announces his marriage to Mitsuko Shiawase of Shiawase Envirotech.
  • Jun 14: Shiawase Corporation purchases all remaining assets of Fuchi Industrial Electronics. Korin Yamana accepts a position on Shiawase's board of directors.
  • Jun 15: Neil Benson replaces Francesco Napoli as Renraku's rep on the Corporate Court.
  • Jul 28: Fuchi Industrial Electronics is officially dissolved.
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