2059 - Year of the Corp (Blood in the Boardroom)

  • Jan 7: Tadamako Shibanokuji, chairmain of Yamatetsu's board of directors, suffers a debilitating stroke. Control of his stock shares goes to Yamatetsu CEO Saru Iwano.
  • Feb 22: Tadamako Shibanokuji dies in a Yamatetsu hospital in Kyoto. Control of his stock reverts to his son, Yuri Shibanokuji (an ork).
  • May 5: Yamatetsu announces relocation of its corporate headquarters to Vladivostok, Russia.
  • May 16: Dosan Aburakoji, one of Mitsuhama's Corporate Court representatives, commits suicide in his Kyoto home.
  • Jun 6: Fuchi brings suit against Renraku in the Corporate Court, accusing them of using Miles Lanier's inside knowledge to steal Fuchi trade secrets. Within 24 hours, the charges are dropped. Lanier leaves Renraku, selling his four million shares of Renraku stock to the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaftsbank.
  • Jun 16: Navroz Chandaria of Renraku is named to the Corporate Court seat left vacant by Aburakoji's death.
  • Jul 8: Pacific Prosperity Group officially forms.
  • Jul 11: Flight 1118 from Tokyo crashes into Seattle's Redmond Barrens, on the Salish-Shidhe border. Nearly 200 people are killed in the plane and on the ground, hundreds more are injured and fires rage out of control throughout the district for more than 24 hours.
  • Jul 19: David Hague, one of Fuchi's Corporate Court representatives, is found dead in Redmond, Seattle.
  • Aug 15: Li Feng of Wuxing, Inc. is named to the Corporate Court seat left vacant by Hague's death.
  • Aug 22: Nadja Daviar regains control of the Ares stock owned by Gavilan Ventures.
  • Sep 29: "White Monday" The Tokyo Stock Exchange suffers its largest single- day drop in 70 years.
  • Oct 6: Richard Villiers of Fuchi announces the formation of Novatech, Inc., which continues Villiers' strategy of acquiring large portions of Fuchi. Miles Lanier is appointed Novatech's director of security.
  • Oct 20: Leonard Aurelius sells all of his Ares stock to Arthur Vogel. Vogel steps down as president of Sierra, Inc., and is replaced by Gary Grey.
  • Oct 27: Leonard Aurelius joins the board of directors of Cross Applied Technologies.
  • Dec 15: Anna Villalobos replaces Domingo Chavez as Aztechnology's representative on the Corporate Court.
  • Dec 19: The Renraku Arcology is closed to visitors for an indefinite period due to problems with its computer systems.
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