2057: Year of the Dragon (Super Tuesday, Shadows of the Underworld, Dunkelzahn's Secrets)

  • March 15: Dunkelzahn announces his intention to run for President on a historic broadcast of "Wyrm Talk!"
  • July 19: Republican candidate General Franklin Yeats found murdered in his hotel room (Shadows of the Underworld)
  • April 20: All eight mega-corporations suffer security breaches and system shutdowns at midnight, followed by extortion demands by a unidentified decker who leaves behind an enigmatic negative portrait of the Mona Lisa. The decker is later dubbed "Leonardo" and is rumored to be an elven genius of enormous intellect. (res.25, Novel: Black Madonna)
  • August 7: The great dragon Dunkelzahn is declared the winner of the 2057 Presidential Election by a narrow margin.
  • August 9: President Dunkelzahn is assassinated in the Presidential limo as he leaves the Watergate Hotel.
  • August 10: Kyle Haeffner succeeds Dunkelzahn as President of the UCAS
  • Aug 15: Dunkelzahn's Will is officially read and spread across the Matrix. The Draco Foundation is founded.
  • Aug 15: Miles Lanier (Fuchi chief of security) leaves Fuchi to join the board of directors of Renraku Computer Systems.
  • Aug 20: Arthur Vogel becomes president of Sierra, Inc.
  • Aug 22: Nadja Daviar grants Damien Knight voting control over Gavilan Ventures (Ares stock portfolio) for 2 years
  • Aug 31, 02:55:23 EST: The Players (of the Awakened World) is uploaded to the Shadowland BBS by system administrator Captain Chaos.
  • Sep 12: Wu Lung-Wai announces dramatic expansion plans for Wuxing, Inc.
  • The Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research is created
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