2056 - Year of the Bug (Bug City)

  • Late December 2055-January 2056: Chicago Containment Zone spread to public via Shadowland, the Denver Data Haven, etc. via Bug City download.
  • UCAS government can no longer sustain coverup, the world knows insect spirits and totems are a truth
  • UCAS Congress formally recognizes Great Dragon Dunkelzahn a legal citizen of the UCAS. Famous "handshake" (Dunkelzahn and President Thomas Steele) sends Technocrat ticket to top of polls.
  • Nov: President Thomas Steele and Vice Pres James Booth re-elected in "the dullest election of the 21st century".
  • Dec-Jan: UCAS Election results of 2056 found to be rigged; House Speaker Betty Jo Pritchard declares election null and void, announces new elections. Congress approves short campaign season. Election Day re-scheduled to Tuesday, 7 Aug 2057.
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