• In DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, a group calling itself the Compensation Expedition Force or Compensation Army sets up squatter camps all across the city. The group state that they are people promised re-compensation for land lost to the NAN through the Treaty of Denver. They immediately begin picketing most major government offices.
  • An Aztechnology high priest is extracted from the Aztlan sector by a shadowrunner group. A large number of high explosive weaponry is used resulting in a great deal of death and destruction. The runners escape in a van that is hit with a missile before it can cross into CAS territory.
  • In Sioux Nation, NAN, Fuchi buys up what is left of FTL Technologies. Steven Z. Ridgemont is offered the opportunity to stay with the company but refuses. Instead, he moves to FRFZ and forms Warpdrive Systems.
  • August 14: DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, two new bills are introduced to the House of Representatives. On is a bill apportioning voting areas in the former North Virginia counties of Arlington, Fairfax, and Alexandria. The second is a bill granting immediate repayment to all people displaced by the Treaty of Denver.
  • late December: A file is downloaded into the Nexus concerning the Chicago Containment Zone. The information in the file states that the Zone is not suffering from a VITAS plague. The real disaster is that the zone has been infested by huge insect spirits that use humans and metahumans for food and reproduction. The Zone has actually been constructed to keep the insect spirits from escaping into the rest of the world. After verifying the contents, the Nexus sysops broadcast the file to all Shadowland computer nodes. The information is distributed to the general public.
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