2055 - The Universal Brotherhood (UB), Chicago Contanment Zone and Chermak Blast

  • UCAS FBI discovers insect spirits as controlling the UB, shuts it down, no reasons given publicly. Financial corruption used for cover.
  • Other nations take similar steps, By '56 the UB is completely shut down.
  • Ares assisting destructive raids against local hives, reported as "unmotivated terrorist violence" against the Universal Brotherhood.
  • Aug 22: Knight Errant Firewatch team attacks probable largest insect hive in North America. Bug spirits spill out to infest Chicago.
  • Aug 23: UCAS government establishes Chicago Containment Zone, explained as virulent outbreak of VITAS.
  • Early October: Knight Errant Firewatch team inside Chicago Containment Zone detonates subtactical thermonuclear warhead inside the new core hive.
  • Blast and radiation effects much lower than expected, virtually all the insect spirits in Chicago going into torpor.
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