2054 - Random madness

  • A Tir Tairngire commando team initiates a raid against the Data Haven, the home base of the Shadowland computer network, in order to prevent information on Tir Tairngire from being released. The team accidentally strays into Sioux territory and is attacked by a group of the Sioux Special Forces Wildcats. The event causes a large, yet short lived, diplomatic incident and is unsuccessful at preventing the Tir Tairngire files from being broadcasted.
  • A fight between two shamanic adepts at the Raintree Inn leads to one of them spontaneously combusting.
  • The Ute sector inexplicably cuts off all transport in or out except for approved trips to the Ute Nation. The close-out is short lived.
  • June 5: The home of Yakuza Oyabun Kasigi Toda is bombed, although Toda is not home during the explosion, his wife and two children are killed.
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