2051 - the Insect Shadow starts to show

  • January: SimSense-Star Amanda Lockhart, known as Euphoria, is kidnapped
  • February: Lone Star fails at apprehending Blackwing.
  • May: A nest of insect spirits is eliminated in Seattle
  • Mai 21: Western Great Dragon Schwartzkopf appears in Furth im Wald and declares himself ruler of the area
  • June: Fayette Myers wird entf├╝hrt.
  • September: A toxic shaman tries to poison a large area of Tsimshian
  • Oktober: Emerging Futures Unlimited receives the contract for projekt Cerberus.
  • Oktober: A british scientist manages to transfer his spirit through chips into the Matrix
  • Oktober: A war within the NAN is avoided last minute
  • November: A powerfull old spirit tries to enter the world.
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