2011 - The Year of Chaos

  • Unexplained Genetic Expression (UGE) — elven and dwarven babies are born to human parents.
  • On January 1, in Vatican City, during the traditional New Year's Message from St. Peter's Square, Pope John-Paul IV denounces metahumans as abominations in the eyes of God. (Tír na nÓg)
  • England's Sizewell B nuclear power station suffers critical meltdown, resulting in a total death count of 17,000.
  • A nuclear power plant in Dounreay, Scotland suffers a meltdown, creating the Scottish Irradiated Zone.
  • Terrorist pollute the North Sea with oil. The spill causes the Scottish Toxic Border Zone.
  • Strong Hurricanes drive polluted Water from the North sea up the Rhine and Elbe, far stretches of the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Northern Germany are flooded. Later the flooding is labelled the 'Black Flood'. Many of the flooded areas stay lost to the sea.
  • Jul: Operation Discovery, an 8-man Mars Mission, makes planetfall and begins its survey.
  • Dec 24:
      • The Awakening.
      • Ryumyo appears on Mt. Fuji.
      • Daniel "Howling Coyote" Coleman leaves Abilene DC.
      • The operations module of Operation Discovery crashes on Mars, killing 5 of the 8 astronauts.
  • Dec 26: Ley-lines and standing stones re-emerge all over Britain. First sighting of the Great Welsh Dragon, Celedyr, in Caerleon.
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