2010 - VITAS

  • Virally Induced Toxic Allergy Syndrome (VITAS) kills off a quarter of the world's population.
  • In Vatican City, Pope John Paul III dies suddenly of the VITAS plague. He is succeeded by arch-conservative Cardinal Vitali who takes the name John Paul IV. (Shadows of Europe)
  • Keruba and BMW start the first mega-corporate war, decimating each other. This inspired other AAA's to invest in defenses, set a precedent of no-holds-barred fighting for corporate war, and taught the world that corporate war was bad for everyone's business. In conjunction with the chaotic repercussions of the Awakening inspired, this would lead to the formation of the ICC.
  • BMW bought by Michel Beloit, who would make it the premier industrial power of Europe by incorporating Saeder Munitions and Krupp Manufacturing.
  • October 31: Quebec secedes from Canada.
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