1999 - The Seretech Decision

  • January 9: Truckers of the Teamster Union are refusing the offer of the American government and going into strike. The shortages caused by this are causing food riots all over the country, especially in those densely populated cities, like new York.
  • April 12: A Seretech convoy with contagious waste is attacked by an armed mob in New York City, in the mistaken belief this was a food transport. Seretec's security force is using lethal force to defend itself and the convoy. 200 rioters and 20 Seretech security officers die.
  • Mai 6: Seretech is sued and the case is filed under the name 'The United States vs. Seretech Corporation'
  • October 26: The Supreme Court rules in the case 'The United States vs. Seretech Corporation' the the use of lethal force was necessary to save thousands of lives as opposed to the hundreds it cost. This precedence case this causes is in the following years used time and again to allow mega-corporations to work towards extraterritoriality and the thereby related use of lethal force within their corporate territory.
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