Get the girl.
GM: Chameleon
Players: Frost, Carpenter, Stonewall, Accelerate, Chameleon, Blindside
Synopsis: Some people got called in to go rescue a dumb little rich girl that thought partying with the gangs would be more fun than with her friends. Woops.
Date: Aug. 07, 2069

Ugggggggggggg. Too. Much. Blow. Blindside rolls out of bed, kicking Bambi to the side. It's not mean, she's got a nu-flesh/dermaplast covering over her plastic frame. He peers at himself in the mirror of the restroom as he takes his morning leak. "Huh." he says, after a moment, looking down. "Wonder what I drank?"

"Cherry knockers!" Says Bambi then, putting on a shirt.

"Oh." Says Blindside, shaking it. "Explains why my piss is red. Grab my pants, Dominic called. Hes' got work."

Bambi tosses him the pants.

"Now, go get Gladius ready for travel and pack the truck."

"Okay blindy!"

Frost gets the call, then starts gathering his things. Most of his gear is in his trunk, but there are a few things in his room. He grabs them and heads out of the Queen of Cups to get into his car. He touches the car a moment and focuses intently, trying to read the vehicles past to see if anyone has put a bomb on it. So far so good, he unlocks the car and then opens the trunk, putting his equipment into it. He then heads to the door and opens it, getting inside and starting to drive towards the meet site. He parks a good distance from the spot though, and then turns to his passenger seat, empty to mundanes, but those that can see astral will see a woman there. "Alright, your up." he thinks to her.

Accelerate is playing Dawn of Atlantis, his only real non-work related social life. He hasn't anything to do but wait untill someone needs information, though he is on retainer by Chameleon for some gig. Oh well. He decides to continue waiting for a rare monster to spawn in hopes of getting the drop he wants.
Stonewall hangs up the Matrix-term phone, stretching as he gets out of bed and cleans up, pulling on his usual street-duds and packing a spare change of clothes just in case. The satchel gets loaded in one saddlebag, his 'big bertha' shotgun in the other, both locked. His registered-carry shotgun is tucked neatly into his coat like it lives there as he pulls the helmet on, starting up the bike and rumbling to the meeting location, his gloves the only noticably mis-matched part: One's all laced with lightning bolt designs, the other a late-90's circuit-board motif.

The drive down was uneventful; no one checked the pistol in the glovebox. If they did, he had the apperance and nuyen to get out of pressing questions. The Americar parks a little away from the site, as Nick takes the pistol, checks it, and holsters it at his back, walking the rest of the way to the location, Mortimor coat over his large frame."
This wasn't the warrens, that was for sure. Carpenter could do a check of an address on a public dataterm as well as the next bloke, so. A quick scrub of the teeth with a disposable toothbrush, a wipe of the stubble off his face with standard hygene wipe, and a quick straightening of the new tie. People looked at the suit. Never the tie.

The drive down was uneventful; no one checked the pistol in the glovebox. If they did, he had the apperance and nuyen to get out of pressing questions. The Americar parks a little away from the site, as Nick takes the pistol, checks it, and holsters it at his back, walking the rest of the way to the location, Mortimor coat over his large frame.
You paged Accelerate with 'In theory your job should end after the meet, though you might be kept on tap for things like warnings of cop calls'.
Accelerate pages: Shouldn't be a problem.

The drive is just as uneventful for Blindside. Bambi beside him, he's rollin therough the city. "GOT MAH BITCH BY MAH SIDE, YOU NIGGAHS CA'N HIDE, FROMMA PIMP THAT ROLLS THIS DEEP, BETA GET A ROPE CAUSE THIS BITCH IS STEEEEEEEEP!"
Blindside, it should be noted, looks pretty stupid.

It's a decently nice place. Fairly good sized too, though most of the furnishings are rather antique or faux antique at least. Barristas stand at the coffee bar looking faintly glazed into a stupor by the boredom of the food service industry. Beside the end of the bar is a door marked 'Private' that you've each been instructed is your destination.

Inside is a round table with a WNG running and an asian man in his 20's. The walls are plain and painted a sterile white, furniture is modern faux wood styled. The young man is dressed impeccably in a blue suit with a pale blue shirt and maroon tie.

A japanese female gets out of the blue ford americar and walks the final distance to the building. She is dressed in a very high class suit/skirt combo and approaches the building. She makes her way towards the private door that was given as the desitation. She looks around briefly after stepping inside, then moves to take a chair.

Stonewall arrives at some point, his greatcoat folded over his arm and handed to anyone that asks for it as he enters the building, his helmet wrapped inside the coat. He steps through the doorway, pausing when he spots the asian man, stopping stone-still from his previous swagger… his heels 'click' as they snap together, and he brings his gloves noiselessly together before his face, bowing towards the young man and speaking in plain English, "Deepest appologies, I was asked to come here, but may have been misinformed as to the nature of my employer," just inside the door, holding it for a moment as he's bent over so at least his head is equal or lower than the two asian's in the room already. He stays that way for a couple heartbeats before risking trying to take a chair himself.

Blindside arrives, dressed as he might normally dress for casual coffee in a nice section of town. Like a reject from the 1980s (Which were popular again in the 2050s). He walks in, with his pimp walk, one hand extravagantly gesturing while Bambi moves with him. "Yo yo yo, what is the Hapz, BOYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE?"

Chameleon returns Stonewall's apology with a smile and a gesture towards one of the vacant chairs, still without speaking a word.

He's barely seated with Blindside comes in, and his eyebrows raise… his eyes don't bug out, but he settles into his chair with a heavy creak.

Chameleon answers Bside with a finger held to his lips in a 'shh' signal and a faint frown at the volume, but also indicates that he should take a seat.

Carpenter notices the rather loud amount of noise coming from nearby, and grimaces faintly. God, some people were fraggin' /idiots./
He'll give a brief nod to the Japanese woman as she passes him, looking over the clothing she wears with approval, before she enters the room marked 'Private'. A slight look over to the room, and he'll move toward the counter instead. A few minutes later, he's heading into the back with a simple black, nutrient-enriched soycaf… just in time ot stair at the pimp. "What th' bloody /'ell/ is your problem, chummer?" A quick move to an empty chair, and a nod at the Japanese man.

Blindside slides his ass on to a chair, bambi coming to stand behind him. He quiets down, but only on an audio level. He's just as loud to look at as he was a moment ago.

Once the runners are assembled and seated, the oriental stands and finally speaks. "Greetings. I am… well, call me Mr. Chan please. And you would be…?"

The Japanese female nods to Mr. Chan "I am Mrs. Frost." She makes no movements other than the nod, and is almost unatrually still, its hard to even know if she is breathing.

Stonewall nods as well, saying, "Stonewall," and nothing more as well, as he dips his head like that.

Blindside flicks his gaze this way and that. "Bsydddddddddddddddddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeee!" A pause. "Sir."

Carpenter shurgs. "Name's Bloggs. Call me that, or somethin' else. I don't particularly care.

Stonewall winces a little, glancing at Blindside, and reaching a hand up as if to swat the dwarf upside the head. He stops… turns it into scratching behind his own ear, settles down again.

Chameleon nods in return to the japanese woman and Stonewall, then blinks at the rather boisterous answer from the honky dwarf, then gives another nod of recognition for him as well, finally recognizing Bloggs in the same calm manner before he speaks again. "I have a situation that requires resolution. Each of you has been contacted with the understanding that you have something to bring to the table. Whether it be durability, skill with weapons, magic, or simple volume.. " he looks at Bside when he says this last. "You bring something. This is good. A strong team will be required for this business." he pauses and half closes his eyes for a moment in thought and resumes after a few beats. "There is a young woman in trouble in the warrens. One of my associates wishes for her to no longer be in trouble. It is your job, should you choose to accept it, to make this happen."

Stonewall says politely, "Straight-forward rescue, or is this as complicated as these things often become?" a beat after Mr. Chun's done speaking.

Chameleon chuckles dryly and replies, "Straight-forward, hai, but also complicated. We do not know precisely which sector of gang turf she is being held in at the moment."

Carpenter listens to the description of the work that needs to be done, before sighing a little, moving to slowly draw a pack of fags out of his coat, slipping one out, and lighting it, before taking something of a small puff. "Straightforward, on th' face a' it. But trouble means many things. I can eliminate lots a' trouble, ya know. But I'm somethin' a' a dumb munition. I need t' be aimed b'fore we can deal with these blokes.

Blindside narrows his eyes at that. Elsewhere, Scabbard prepares a small drone for launch.

Chameleon nods to Carpenter and replies "I am sure the members of the team are able to provide some direction, and should it prove necessary, I have retained the services of a matrix master as well. He and his company are available for your use."

The Japanese female speaks quietly "Was she kidnapped, and if so, where?" Again, her body shows no obvious signs of motion, its a bit strange.

Stonewall nods a bit, saying, "M'not that much of an investigator, I'll admit. Not quite a 'dumb bullet' but I leave takin' the lead to others usually." That said, he indicates the japanese female, and Blindside, since they seem to have some ideas to work with.

The asian male replies to the female with a sharp shake of his head. "We do not know for certain whether she was kidnapped or joined whichever group she is associating with voluntarily. She had expressed some interest in exploring the warrens, but did not seem sincere about risking her life for curiousity."

The Japanese female speaks again "So we may be 'saving' her against her will?"

Chameleon simply nods to the japanese woman in answer.

Stonewall says in Italian, "* * * * * * * * * * * * ***"

Stonewall notes that's said a bit under his breath, and approvingly, at the japanese female's words.

Blindside leans back, just listening. He's here, but he's letting other people do what they do.

The Japanese female continues with her questions "Do you have a photo?"

"We have a photo, however it is simpler to present a full three dimensional image. This particular shop has the capabilities." the asian mand says, triggering a control on the tabletop and causing a full 3-d visual of a girl in her late teens to appear above the middle of the table. The girl has long red hair, green eyes, and a small mole at the corner of her mouth.
She's dressed in good quality but artificially 'aged' clothing with strategically placed tears, clean and in good condition.

The Japanese woman looks at the image for a while, then turns back towards Mr. Chan "How long has she been missing, and has anyone questioned her friends?"

Stonewall sits up… leaning in a moment after the image flicks on, and staring at it rather openly. The stare of a bouncer sizing someone up, memorizing, but very obviously staring as well…

Chameleon answers "She has been missing for two days, however she had plans to attend a party with her friends last night. Her friends do not seem to know anything, though a careful study of her diary has produced hints that she may be seeking drugs and.." his voice drips with disgust "adventure in the warrens."

The Japanese female speaks again "Can we aquire the diary? And was it digital or handwritten?"

Chameleon gives a sorrowful shake of his head, "I am afraid my associate is not willing to part with the diary. There are other aspects of the text that could cause… problems." the way he says prolems seems to have echoes of honor lost. He pauses a moment, as though listening to something, then continues "It is believed she has made contact with the blood razor gang in the Warrens."

The Japanese woman nods "Understood." her head turns to look at the others, to see if they have any ideas.

Stonewall lifts his head away from the hologram, asking, "Blood Razors? I may have some friends that can find where they're from, unless the… contact you mentioned we have available already has some information on them?" of the asian man that appears to be leading the show…

Chameleon hits another control and a phone number appears beneath the image along with the trademark of a well-known hacking agency.

Chameleon says "Please, feel free to contact this number for further information not directly related to the young lady. Her name, by the by, is Julia."

The Japanese woman finally asks another question "And the fee for finding the young lady?"

Carpenter loooks at the information presented, before grimacing. "Well. Lets get that info, then. Lady's got a point. What's th' payment?"

Chameleon chuckles softly, "Thank you for restoring my faith in the shadows miss. The fee offered is twenty thousand apiece."

Stonewall sits back, saying quietly, "Seems reasonable; do we have to pay for the services of this other group out of pocket, or is a share being included to cover their services, pending out own success?" to Mr. Chun.

Chameleon nods to Stonewall, "They are on retainer to my associate. The moneys offered to your team are yours."

Stonewall nods, sitting back and saying, "I'm in… will need to pick up supplies, someone have a preferred meeting place in the warrens?" as he looks around the room.

The Japanese woman responds to Stonewall "The Cybered Arms asks few questions, should we require a staging point."

Carpenter shrugs over to Stonewall, standing just a bit. "I've got a place, but th' arms is better. I can be there with gear in a tick."

The Japanese woman nods "Mr. Frost and I will meet everyone at the Cybered Arms if that is acceptable." She looks around "Does anyone else have any final questions or are we ready to depart?"

Stonewall nods to the other two, pushing his seat back as if to close and finalize the deal. "Okay… there in 30, full kit for Ess and Arr, I'll see you all there," he says, heading to the door but stopping, turning 'round, and bowing politely to Mr. Chun. "Julia will be found, and returned in the best shape possible," and then towards the Japanese woman, "And check with this… AMS, for whatever you two can find on that gang. I'll be a bit busy packing and dealing with checkpoints."

Frost is sitting in his car, and picks up one of his throw away phones and calls AMS.

Blindside stands up, looking at the people who are there, clearly looking for whomever 'team lead' is… Bambi stands up with him, silently standing over the dwarf.

Frost waits for AMS to answer….

"Hello, and thank you for calling Applied Matrix Solutions. Your call is valued, please stay on the line for decker assistnace."
(Says a feminine automated voice)

The Japanese female rises from her chair, then looks around "Mr. Frost is contacting AMS right now, if anyone has any questions besides the info on the blood razors, please let me know so he may ask the question."

"Hello, this is Accelerate, how can I help you?" says a familiar staticy voice.

Frost speaks into his phone "You have been contacted about a girl named Julia, we are working on that project. We need all the information on a gang called the Blood Razors. Turf, numbers, everything you can find, I'm assuming there are police files on them."

"One moment." Accelerate responds.

The Japanese woman looks around "If there are no other questions at this time for AMS, then shall we all meet again at the Cybered Arms?"

"So here's the deal." the voice on the cellphone responds, "Expect cyber weapons and full automatic firearms. Relatively few in number, about 50 in the gang total. They have a few meeting places, expect 6 to 15 members at any of them. In the event of a large meeting, expect about 40. I have a few addresses for their normal hangouts, as well as an address marked as having large amounts of activity. Expect police at the one with large activity. Yes I know, police in the Warrens. It's picked up in police activity in the past 12 hours. Just thought you should know. Will there be anything else?"

Frost listens "Any thing that might hint they have any magical members?" he asks into the cellphone

The Japanese woman begins to recite the information that was given to those still in the room.

"Checking… No magic, however a nearby gang has a potent mage, elf named Leonidas, in case it ends up mattering."
(The cellphone responds)

Frost pulls a poc sec out of his pocket, and gets it ready "Alright, give me the addresses for the hangouts and the hot zone."

Accelerate replies "Uploading…"

Carpenter finishes off a last ciggerette, and nods. "Same thing. We could use a diversion, but I can take a few a' 'em if we can thin down th' numbers."

The japanese woman "I'm getting the addresses now, one moment please."

Frost asks another question into the throw away phone "Ohh, do they have any alliances with other gangs?"

Stonewall rolls up to the Cybered Arms, dressed noticably different from before. Where once was a dressy outfit, now is the plain denim-blue jumpsuit of a workman in a very grimy, dirty job. The suit's definately seen some bad situations, heavy patches and reinforcement replaced here and there. Over one shoulder is a faded green satchel, a cross bleached into the flap covering it, a dark grey coat pulled around his shoulder. His motorcycle helmet is left on and the visor flipped up as he pulls into the parking lot outside the bar. Unhinging from the old Harley, he leans up against it, waiting for others to show as he lights up a cigar, though it looks like a dainty cigarette on him as he begins letting smoke curl away from the ember at the end.

"Apparently there is a gang, the Buttuglies, that they are allied with. They are on the other side of the Magi, Leonidas' gang, and have been trying along with the Blood Razors to push the Magi out. Efforts haven't been what one might call fruitful." he replies.

The Japanese woman continues to recite information, including the addresses given. She then looks to the remaining people in the room "Any other questions?"

Frost takes notes from the matrix info on his poc sec. "Alright, thats all for now then, if we think up something else to ask I'll call you back."
"Sure thing." Accelerate responds, before hanging up.

The Japanese woman leaves the room finally, she heads to the bathroom of the establishment, then once inside, vanishes.

Frost starts his car, then as soon as his spirit is safely back with him, he heads to the Cybered Arms.

Frost arrives at the Cybered Arms, and heads inside after pocketing a few small items. Once inside he looks around for any of the other runners.

A few minutes after everyone leaves the meet, Frost recieves a phone call.


Frost blinks and reaches for his phone as he heads towards the cybered arms, obviously this happens before he gets there.

Frost says "Hello?"

Rather than detouring to the 'arms, Blindside heads off to do recon with his drones.

Carpenter will arrive at the Cybered Arms a little after the depature of the group. And he arrives… well. Ready for heavily armed targets. He'll lumber out of the car, respirator hanging from his face, open, helmet currently detached, with a bag full of… gear. "I need a table, an' some cover."

The familiar sound of Accelerate's radio esque voice answers, "So it's me again. Just thought I would mention, the girl you all are being hired to find is in exactly no missing persons database. Sounds like something fishy is going on."

Stonewall looks over at Carpenter… and leans back, taking the cigar out of his maw long enough to let out a laugh to shake windows! "Eh… table're inside… not sure ya' should tote that huge Santa Sack in with you though," she troll admits, smirking at the human.

Frost chuckles "So we can assume she is either really important and people can't know she is missing, or we are doing a kidnapping. Those your thoughts as well?"

Accelerate responds, "Don't forget option 3: Trap. Never trust a Jay to give you the whole truth. I've done some searching on the girl, she's from a wealthy family who has below standard business practices, maybe even mob connections. She may not even be missing. I just get the idea the Jay isn't telling you everything."

Frost sighs a bit "Thats why I've really stopped going in person to these things. Alright, thanks for the heads up, by the way, do you know her sin and have you seen any activity on it in the last few days? Purchases and that stuff.

Carpenter looks to Frost, inclining his head. "Then an alley… hell, anyone watching?" He says, unzipping a bag, and pulling out something of a large, articulated harness. "Ya can't drive in this, ya know? I know all 'bout traps. All I'm worried 'bout is that pay might be a bit difficult in that case.

Frost pulls up in his blue ford americar at the CA, he gets out, locks up his car and heads over towards Stonewall "Good evening, I'm Mr. Frost."

Accelerate replies, "Looks like no activity over the past few days besides a large transfer of funds that looks like purchasing clean certified credit…"
Stonewall pulls his cigar free, tapping the ash off behind his back over his bike as he says, "And I'd know ya' from Adam… because?" His voice is polite, and he offers a handshake still, not immediately recognizing Frost, eying the human head to toe.

Frost (back in time) "Thanks then, we will call you back if we need more information." (Now back to the CA!)

Carpenter looks over to the recently arriving Frost, having not addressed her yet. "Oy. Ain't that th' same name as th' woman we saw at th' bloody meet?"

Frost smiles faintly at Stonewall "You met Mrs. Frost at a recient meeting, I'm the one who does the actually work."

Stonewall ah's, nodding. "Good to meet'cha, then. Sorry if'n I came off a bit stiff, musta missed her sayin' to expect a pair of pants to meet us here when I ran off to get my work clothes on," he says, sitting back and sucking another hunk off the stogie before crushin' the ember off on the primer-black (or is that ash-blacked) fuel tank on his Harley. Tapping it off, he puts it away in his coat.

Frost nods and pats a pocket "I have alot of information from the contact, some good some bad. Shall we go inside and discuss it?"

Stonewall nods, callin' over to the alley, "Hurry up'n finish leakin' on the plastcrete… we'll be inside!" before saying, "Let's… lead the way?" and gesturing towards the bar, falling in behind Frost for now and asking, "So lay out the bad news first… what didn't we get told by the Jay, but by this AMS instead?"

Frost grunts softly and heads into the CA, once in the door he addresses Stoney "The girl isnt reported missing by anyone and her family is a bit shady. So, if its a rescue its all good, but we may be doing a kidnapping for an organized crime family"

Stonewall snorts, saying, "Well… no harm in failing then, see how this lass reacts to our arrival? So… what'cha do anyways? Anything 'kin check if she's tellin' the truth, and of her own free will? These mitts ain't good for doin' that to the pretty sorts, if ya' catch my drift?"

Carpenter shurgs. "So we ask." He says, moving just a little bit into the bar, carryin his gear with him. "WE check. She might be a willin' memeber, might be brainwash, or they just wanted t' keep th' police an' publicity out a' it. S'long as I'm gettin' paid, that's a plus. Though… if it's for th' bleedin' Yaks or th' Mob, I'd look for more blood respect."

Frost nods to the others and finds a table that everyone can sit at, with room for Blindside to join later. "Well, I'm a mage of sorts, but I don't do spells. So mind reading is out of my league. I work with spirits mostly, and I have a few ideas on what might help us in this situation. I'm mostly concerned with the chance we might be upsetting someone important by taking thier little girl. Here is the situation so far" Frost then repeats EVERYTHING he got from Accelerate, info on the gang, addresses, ect.

Stonewall turns towards Carpenter, snorting, "Long as this won't get either of those groups pissed at me, or the Triads, I don't give a damn WHO it pisses off, long as I can sleep at night." That said, he shuts up, listening to Frost as he nurses a glass of cheap and weak booze, nodding occasionally.

Leaving Scabbard, Myrmidon, Bambi and Cerberus in the area of, but not directly near the enemy emcampment, Blindside returns to the Cybered Arms in Gladius. Also left in the area, on a seemingly random flight plan, is the small bird drone that continues to gather more data.

Frost leans back a bit in his chair "Anyone know how we can discreetly double check on this? Or should we just wait until we get the drop point and make our decision then? I would not like to kidnap a mob bosses daughter" The last he says very softly so no one overhears.

Carpenter says "WEll, we can do as much checkin' as we want. If ya got a picture, we could spend th' next few days showin' it, askin' 'bout. Maybe if ya know someone in th' mob, this can go faster. But time's a factor, here. We need t' get in. Check. An' get out.""

Stonewall says, "Well… we have a full name, right? I have a few friends I can check this with, see if they know anything."

Frost nods "There is a chance, if she hasnt changed her appearance and there are no mages, I can send in spirits to check the locations, if she doesnt look the same, or there is some kind of mage, my spirits wont find anything."

Blindside comes on in to the Arms then, poking his head in. This is NOT his sort of place. OH MY GOD does blindside stand the FUCK OUT. No 'WHATS UP NIGGAHS!' this time around. No. He keeps his head down as he moves over to the group.

Frost nods to the others "Her full name is Julia Henderson. I could call the contact back and find out what business her family is in, that could narrow down our search since its more likely we can match up what group she is with that way."

Stonewall nods, saying, "Do that. Lemme know if it's any of the big three types active, I've got some ears in all three I can touch bases with."

Frost checks his poc sec and sends a quick message to the contact, after a minute he shakes his head "They are into alot of stuff it seems, its also pretty hazy matrix side, so we can just assume its organized crime, from the girls picture though, I'm going to say probably not Yak or Triads…."

Frost sighs deeply.

Blindside coughs at the edge of the table, one hand reaching up behind his head to scratch at his neck. "So. I got some data… yall want it? This place is -skuzzy-.. I mean, -DAMN-, we coulda' used my bar, for fucks sake…"

Carpenter nods to Frost. "That sounds all right. If it isn't one a' th' big boys…" He sighs, unzipping the other bag. "So. What're our options? We need actual intelligence. Someone inside."

Stonewall chuckles, adding, "That much I kinda assume," before looking up, spotting Blindside, and waving. "Olah, omae. What'cha spot for us, man? And eh… one man's trash, another's treasure, ya' know?" he adds to B-Side.

Blindside coments simply as he takes a stool… "Yeah, if you're a fracken dung beetle."

Stonewall hrm's… says, "Fill them in… I'm gonna go make a call… see what Cousin Vinny can turn up," before pushing away from the bar, heading down the hallway to the payphone by the bathroom, out of sight of most crap for now.

Frost nods to Blindside "Evening Blindside, you have information?"

Blindside slides up then, glancing around at the place. "Fucken shithole." He says quietly. "I mean, the place they are in." he reaches over, taking a bottle of beer from the table. He puts that in the center… "Two story building. Black out curtains… They got some lighting rigged up on the front door to keep people from seeing in. Real paranoid… the place across the street seems to be occupied too, squatters, but damn if they arn't clean sons of bitches for it." he playces an ashtray to represent that place. "If I had to make my guess? We have these people watching those people." A point from the ashtray tot he beer bottle. "And us watching them all."

Stonewall walks back up from the bathroom, shaking his head and saying only, "Friggin' no-name wench, nobody's heard o' the name," with a shrug, adding, "Which means either this one's harmless, or it's a very poorly crafted trap," after listening to Blindside's diagram, pointing over to the sandwich he ordered to one side and asking, "So what's that over there then?" impishly when he seems to pause.

"A sandwich."

Blindside says that utterly straight faced. "Old elementary school, actually. Damn near just a few posts stickign out of the ground."

Carpenter listens to the very loud man, before grimacing. "I hate t' admit it, but that's actionable intel. Well, it might be a simple matter a' inquirin' with our target's minders t' figure out why.

Frost rubs a hand over his head, and looks at the bottle hard "I guess our only option is to wait and see who we give the girl too, if thier name sounds Asian, I think we abort."
Stonewall nods in agreement, adding, "That all assumes we manage to get her," we he reaches over, picking up the elementary school and crunching down on it hungrilly. *gnosh*gnosh*om*nom*nom*

The rigger exhales, looking to the group… "Wait wait wait." Says he then… "So… this like, yak related? I just got out of the drek with the fucken mafia, I don't need no slant eyed gook bullshit now, too…"

Frost nods to Blindside "The decker told us that the family of the girl appears to be involved in something shady. No real proof of anything, but it could be organized crime. Again, no proof, just strong suspicions, you did add up the total payout for this, thats alot for a simple get my little girl away from the bad boyfriend."

Stonewall headshakes firmly, "The gal's not with any of that drek, near as I can find. I'm with _ALL_ of that drek though, so my handlers know I don't ask about a name unless I want to make sure it won't get them cheesed off at me for messin' with it. They all gave the okay, so it's an independant group we're talking about here, organized or not."

Blindside gestures to Stonewall. "I'm hiding behind him when bullets start flying."
"To be fair?" Asks blindside then. "Didn't see any of the 'usual' types when I did my recon. All pure blood american trash-a-rific poor folk and gangers."

Frost nods "Well, that makes me feel a little better, I take it we want to start by poking around the place with all the people keeping an eye on it."

Carpenter says "Didn't ya yanks have gangs? Home grown? Just like us English. Really, we need more intel on this situation.""

Stonewall says, "I'd vote for that, see what's up with those guys watching our actual targets. Keep at least someone free, keepin' an eye out for anyone leavin' the place, but mostly let's watch the watchers, sure."

Frost nods "I can send in some small spirits to look for the girl, but if she has changed her appearance too much they wont find her, and if they have a mage thats keeping an eye out, it will alert them someone is snooping."

Stonewall shrugs, saying, "Can they be easilly traced to you, specifically? 'll admit I'm not good at knowing how you magic-sorts work… it's all, forgive the term, magic to me. If we have a disposable recon that can go through walls… go for it!"

Frost nods "They are like a fingerprint, if your a mage, and see my spirits, then you see me, you will know they were mine. But they cant be tracked back to me unless they are followed, and I have ways of eliminating anyone that follows them back to me."

Blindside checks his RCD, looking at its LCD display.

Blindside exhales, looking at the others. "Okay. So. You!" A point to frost and Stonewall. "hard or soft. We do this with shock and Awe or with sneak and stealth. Answer. Cause times ticking."

Frost nods "Lets do more recon, I'll send in some watchers to test the water, if they have no mages, I'll send in Mrs. Frost for a full recon."

Frost sits back in his chair, and seems to concentrate for a moment, after he stares at nothing for a while he relaxes "Alright, sending some to the target, fairly soon….what the?" he frowns "Well, they have some sort of magic support it seems. Or some mage is out there killing spirits for fun."

Blindside nods. "Alright. I'm having my battle wagon come pick us up. We cna plan on the way. I don't like being so far from my boys."

Frost nods to Blindside "I'll try sending another sprit once we get closer, there is a chance it was just a random spirit killing. I'd rather not go in guns blazing, but if it comes to that, I've got the firepower."

Stonewall side-notes, "Their turf-war with that mage nearby… crap, plum forgot that drek," he says, slapping his thigh to wipe off the leftover sandwich juices.

Carpenter nods. "I got th' goddamn firepower- What? What's this 'bout a bleedin' mage?

Blindside comments… "I have them all in my sensor footprint. I've got four different vehicles with good sensors overlapping the entire area."

Frost nods "Yes, the gang they are up against in a turf battle is lead by a mage, the Blood Razors are not supposed to have a mage. I'd advise against starting a gang war though, our girl could get hurt."

Carpenter sighs. "This keeps gettin' better an' better ,ya know that?

Frost shakes his head "I can deal with mages, thats something I'm good at."

Blindside pauses as he moves… "Awww shit…." Says blindside. "Movement in the Magi sector… looks like… uh… shit. Looks like a strike team, not a mob… like, maybe the best they got."

Stonewall says, "Long as we all walk away, preferably with more in our pockets than we spent gettin' there, s'all good, right?" as he heads out to his bike, before pausing, "Wait… what? Drek… okay, this just got hot, maybe we just touched off a powder keg without meaning to, let's roll, folks," as he starts movin' at a much better clip.

Frost groans "Are we going to have to wade through a gang war to get this girl! What the drek!" he hits his hand against the table "Alright, time to move then, and lets pray our girl is there and we don't do this for nothing."

Blindside grunts. "Myrmidon, Power up."

Over his RCD's speaker, comes the digitized voice: GOLIATH ONLINE!"

Levitathan pulls to a stop in front of the bar, a ramp decending down to allow the people to board. She's a battle wagon alright…. Heavily armored and built like a tank.

Frost heads to his car trunk and grabs a few flashy things, looking to the others "Anyone need some flashy things?"

Stonewall curses a bit… he says, "If it blinds em' feel free to lob em' at my feet, I'll live," before pausing a moment after pulling out a… well, it's big, even for a Troll it's big, but it's definately a shotgun, not a machinegun or AC. Anyways, after that's shouldered, he grabs a small box, tucking it under one arm and trotting over to the… tank they'll all apparently be riding on. He pauses again, asking, "You got any handholds on this thing? Might be better if I ride outside," as he buttons up his coat, pulling his helmet back on with some fumbling with a hood.

Blindside steps aboard Goliath, sliding in to a chair built for rigging; like the captains chair from the Enterprise. "Seal the vehicle, Lev."

The vehicles enviroseals click on. The light inside the vehicle, which is something like ( that, shifts from white to red.

Frost grabs his helmet out of his trunk, then takes his flashy things and climbs into Blindsides transport.

Blindside gestures to Stonewall… "You. Got any gunnery skill?"

Frost hands out flash grenades to anyone that wants them.

Stonewall shakes his head, "Nothin' vehicular-grade, just these," as he waves the shotgun around, his other hand tucking the contents of the box into the vehicle, inside is the green satchel he was carrying earlier, medic-cross clear on the side.

Blindside points to a tarp covered lump in the back. "See if you can use that."

Stonewall crawls in, looking under the tarp… and laughing. "Ah… I wish. There's a reason I can get run over by a car, omae, I'm too weak to lift one out of the way, unlike most trogs," as he lowers the tarp again, saying, "This gun's less than half that weight, and it's heavy even for me, especially with the lacing I have," as he dangles the shotgnu he's carrying on a shoulder-strap.

Blindside mutters. "Fine Thats off the menu for today. I havn't mounted it yet and your the only son of a bitch who could lift it."

Frost sits down and closes his eyes, mentally commanding his elementals to start showing up, once they all are called to him he opens his eyes "Alright, my army is here. Lets get moving and see if we can find our girl before the drek hits the fan."

Stonewall says, "And likely end up on my ass the first time I tried to fire it, which'd make me a sitting duck. Not that I fear getting shot much… but I'd rather at least give em' a moving target instead of butt-slidin' target running away," as he buckles in as best he can, checking the load on his guns, and pocketing some extra clips of ammo just in case. 40 rounds Shock Lock, 10 loaded, 30 in 3 spare clips. And a secondary clip of stun-shell loaded in the shotgun.

Carpenter collects a flash grenade, and moves over to the bigger transport, attempting to peek into the side. "Oy. What th' hell do ya got in here? Haven't seen onna these sense th' squeeze…" He looks down at the heavy weapons on the floor, and point. "Ultimax, right? German?"

Blindside looks to the gun. "It's a…" The main computer beeps. he brings up the holo display. "MAIN SCREEN TURN ON!" He calls out. The sensor feeds of four vehicles overlap, giving a rough 3-D display of the area. "Shit… "Buttugglies are moving. Sensor feeds show them to be above metahuman size.. trolls. Moving for Magi territory. We roll and we smash, or we wait for the dust to settle, but we get caught in the middle and I'm the guy out 4 million in tech."

Frost looks to Blindside "Your call, you've got the most money on the line here. We don't even know if the girl is in the middle of this, but she could be, and she could be dead by the time its over. There is an option….we cut a deal. We offer the Blood Razors our help against the Magi and they give us the girl."

Blindside nods… "Not a bad plan, but risky. If we're offering for her, they may try and cut out the middle men. Never underestimate the greed of the stupid."

Frost sits back and summons six watchers, sending them all at once to the target building to find the girl, orders are to fly high until they get there, then descende into the building and search for the girl. They have 15 minutes max to search, if they cant find her in 15 minutes, report back.

Frost blinks a bit, then sits up "One got through, a girl matching the description is inside the target building, she is on the top floor, with guards, and she is scared out of her mind."

Stonewall headshakes. "Okay… looks like we roll in hot. How armored is this thing, driver?" he says, banging a fist lightly on one of the inner walls.

Blindside switches to speakers as he becomes Leviathan. "STrap in." Say the speakers. "This vheicle has 11 milimeters of ballistic plating. She will take most aything that can be thrown at her if its not anti-vehicular."

Frost looks to the others "As soon as we are close, I can send in elementals, they can protect the girl, take out the guards, and hold her until we get to her room."

Blindside comments… "Marines to the roof hatch. Marines to the roof hatch. We are 1.75 kilometers out."

Frost checks his weapons, a browning and a taser, the elementals hang out in astral space and well, do nothing until told.

Stonewall climbs up… saying, "Pop the hatch… anything short of your main gun, I'll live through, can evac faster if I'm already topside," when he's in position at the roof hatch, hoping the driver can hear him still, shotgun holstered on his back, and calling to the others, "Someone grab that green bag by my seat, it's the best med-nano's money can buy! Too risky for me to tote it with me though."

Frost reaches for the bag "My guys work on orders, I can carry the medic stuff, but I don't know how to use it."

Stonewall nods, saying, "It'll do all the magic. I don't have a clue how to fix a splinter, that thing handled broken bones just fine though. Extra charges if the light turns red in the pouch on the side."

Blindside sends out a mental command changing his vehicles to BUTTUGGLY colors! It's an inspired move that may keep rockets off his vehicles!

Carpenter is examining the weapon on the drek, his own light machine gun off to the side, before he grimaces, and begins to mount said LMG onto his gyromount. "Just lower th' ramp when we're in position. We enter, slaughter if nessecary, an' get out with th' target.

THe top hatch opens as the vehicle rolls down the street. The speakers on the truck switch to a TROLLROCK station, blaring metal. Camoflauge isn't always not being scene. "Only the trog on the top for now!"

It's half war movie and half riot out there. Not the fun kind of war movie where the bad guys all die while the good guys crack jokes either. This is the kind of war movie where the good guys throw waves of troops at the beach in Normandy and keep dying and dying. This is not a good place to be if you're not, well… buttugly.

Frost sits around, looking out windows, his ally spirit keeps a watch on the astral plane, looking for any signs of magical troubles.

Stonewall clambers up as soon as the hatch starts to open, helping push it aside and levering himself up easilly, heavy load and all. Almost nothing jingles, and it's all muddy browns and black's aside from those two garrish gloves he wears sparkling blue and green respectively as he's remarkably nimble topside, clambering into position and unshoulders his shotgun, leaving the strap in place to let it swing down if needed… using it like a pointer to pick out targets for himself as they go through, but not actually firing any shots yet.

Shouts of support respond to the troll thrash metal rolling out of the speakers like shredded steel fibers on a cavity. The colors, the tunes, the trog on top… this has got to be a gift from trog… or at least from the boss himself. "We got a tank!" "What the frag? That's no tank! It's too big!" "Whatever it is, it's ours!" "Get 'em! Get the keebs!"

Stonewall waves at the trogs surrounding them, using his shotgun like a tribal spear and pointing towards the tower as they pass, standing rather brazenly in the open in the process. Hell, might as well take a shot for the vehicle, he's worth less and more likely to survive it! =^.^=

Buttuglies make up in mass what they lack in numbers. In other words, there aren't many of them and they don't hold much turf. You're already in visual range of Magi turf by the time you've got the BU attention. There's a stark contrast between the two zones, almost as if a line were drawn between them. BU turf is littered with trash, burnt out car wrecks, dark dirty alleys, and burn barrels. Magi territory is clean. It's the sprawl, so clean is a relative term, but there's no real trash, no burnt out wrecks, no more than one or two burn barrels even. Lights seem to be on in at least half the places, even a few functioning street lights. Which is, in itself, impressive, but what's more impressive is the single individual standing at the edge of the BU grounds, arms in the air, light radiating from his body. ButtUglies are massed at the edge of that light, and as you watch one of them tries to slip past and is engulfed in the light only to find himself wandering in a daze back into his own turf.

Frost groans "Alright, someone try bullets, if that doesnt work, I'll take him out."

Beyond the glowing magi leader the streets are at least neat, if not clean. Above them are several buildings in fairly decent condition. In one of those buildings is an open window. In that window is a young, well trained, elf… with a rifle. As the crew is watching the poor confused trog wander away from his infiltation attempt, an ork nearby suddenly converts into a cloud of red mist from the shoulders up.
You may not be able to see the young elf, but there's no need to think particularly hard to determine how an ork went from ranting rioter to puff of funny tasting air.

Carpenter continues to sit in nicely armored comfort, eyeing the back hatch a bit nervously. "I'm gettin' a bit antsy here. What's goin' on out there?"

Blindside calls out… "500 meters to target building. Be advised that bullets are in the air." Down the street, Cerberus power-slides around the corner, the main gun bolted to the hood chattering and creating lots and lots of chaos… but few casualties.

Stonewall damn near drops to the tank's deck when that ork's vanishes… he tries to shout, realizes like always he forgot a damn comm… (Someone remind the damn trog to buy a comm after this…) Looking forward past the light-lit elf, he brings up his shotgun just the same and looks downrange, trying to spot where death is reaching out to touch someone from…

Frost grunts "I'd recommend we take cover until we get to the target, get off the damn hatch you crazy troll!"

Blindside jumps then from Cerberus to Myrmidon, the massive bipedal drone bashing a dumpster out of his way. The main gun comes up on line. "GOLIATH SMASH!" calls out the speakers as the gun starts to chatter.

Stonewall sadly, can't hear Frost. Not over the noise and general chaos, if anything he's a bit muffled from his sound dampeners. That… and he'd ignore that order anyways, he just assumes nothing will actually hurt him, apparently, though he's not stupid about sniper rifles.

Blindside sends the command to turn the truck to Magi colors, and then calls out… "Trog off the roof! We're through the trog territory!"

With the rythym of a metronome bodies start falling, though the death toll is limited to trogs and tusks so far, it's still a massacre and little wonder the Magi haven't had any trouble holding their turf against the ButtUglies.

Stonewall definately hears *THAT* order, the speakers outside shaking him from his attempt to spot whatever just vaporized the bad guy. He quickle crab-scuttles back to that hatch, dropping inside as rapidly as his bio-monstrosity of a body allows.

Frost watches out the window, and frowns "Alright, we are getting closer, after the impact we rush out and upstairs to get the girl." he turns and starts to give orders to his elementals "When I say "Hit it, Nero, you go and cover the girl, shield her and dont let her move. Mercury and Venus, take out the guards with noxious breath, materialize on the ceiling so they cant hit you."

Carpenter looks out the window, and notices… well. Bad. Bad things. "They've got a goddamn sniper. Ya need t' wonder if they've got anti-armor. Great Dragon would shread th' 'ell out a' us. Never th' less, I got ya."

Hopping back to Leviathan now, Blindside picks up the speed, building up the power in the dynamos. ""Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed!"

As the tank that is the troop transport rolls toward the magi playing light brite with his hands, there appears to be a gap in the light that opens before the transport and closes down behind, permitting the machine to pass unimpeded. The sniper in the window is clearly still cleaning house as bodies continue to fall. Trolls and Orks of the ButtUgly gang continually try to force their way past the mage playing Horatio at the gate, and each and every one finds himself staggering dazedly back the way he came only to evaporate in a puff of red mist moments later.

Passing through Magi territory is quick, but educational. These gangers take care of their turf. No burnt out wrecks, no burn barrels, no litter blowing in the greasy wind. Buildings are either labelled with a clear 'condemmed' sign or lit, as though the magi themselves have been doing the cities job for them.

Myrmidon and Cerberus fall in to line with the bigrig as they roar through the gap in the lines. Blindside continues to manage his information network, constantly updating the information on the scrrens inside the rolling warmachine.

Frost keeps his eyes peeled out the windows, his elementals at the ready, his ally spirit also watches the mage out the window, just in case, if he even makes a move against us she will vanish to her home plane.

Stonewall settles back into his seat, saying, "We still doin' this as a second-story job, or climbing up from the ground floor?" as he hangs on to some convenient handhold inside, watching over Frost's shoulder…

Frost shakes his head "Depends on how our driver gets there, if he makes us a door, we use that, element of surprise."

"I'm not comfortable making a door. I will pull up along side, make a second stotry entryance." Says the driver.

Carpenter sighs, bouncing a leg, and looking around, before undoing his respirator and quickly lighting a ciggerette, bringing it up to his lips with a slightly shaky hand. "Damn it. I want to /get/ there, /get/ in, /get/ the girl, and /get/ out, no' sit in this bloody metal box waitin' for th' first lucky fragger with an AT Spike t' slame a rocket in."

Frost concentrates and starts summoning more watchers, until he has a full complemnt of 6. Thier orders…..anyone who isnt on our team and tries to attack us, manifest right in front of thier face and pretend to attack them. The watchers look like small dragons….This means that anyone aggressive towards the group gets something right in thier field of vision trying to bite thier nose….not that they hurt, its just distracting.

As you pass through the zone of relative peace, curtains, yes curtains, are pulled back and fine featured faces peer out to observe the roaring vehicles, but there is no harassing fire or hostility apparent.

Frost finishes the orders "As soon as a target is dead, move on to the next and continue to distract them…." he finishes giving his commands to the small watcher distraction team.

Stonewall looks up, nodding at the air and saying, "Affirm. My gun's loaded to punch a hole in their wall, what it can't do my fist will," as he steps back over, standing under the hatch with one meaty hand on the side, ready to pull himself up…

Blindside continues to drive! He tries not to hit people!

It doesn't take long before you're approaching the end of Magi turf. The edge of the oasis in the midst of a cultural desert fast approaching with its dirt, dust, collpasing buildings, warfare, and desolation seems harsher than ever before after passing through this section of cleanliness and caring. Somewhere in the middle of that desolation, about half a klick away, is a building with a terrified young lady inside.

Frost looks out the window "Alright, lets take some more precations ones the drek hits the fan. Mars! Go out there, and any hostile aura to us that carries a heavy weapon, set them on fire!"

The spirit passes through the walls of the vehicle and starts staning the streets, rooftops and buildings for any hostile auras that also happen to carry big tube-like things.

Stonewall says to everyone still in the vehicle, "Warn me about 5 secs before we get there!" as he crouches, actually stretching a bit under the open hatch, and looking at
Carpenter, asking, "You gonna need a lift up, omae?"

Just the other side of the borderline, atop a roof, stands a human with a rocket launcher waiting for that monstrousity that those useless idiots the buttuglies reported. In less time than it takes the ganger to realize he has a problem, he flares into a column of fire atop the building, and converts rapidly to nothing but a heap of cinders.

Just as the flare that was a ganger goes up the crew crosses the borderline into Blood razor territory.

Blindside clicks on some ancient mucic. "Roll on daddy, roll on through, roll on momma like I ask'd ya ta doo, and roll on eeeeeeeeeeeeighteeen wheeeeeeeeler, roll on!"

There's movement off the road, just a flicker of light glinting off of metal but it's there, just down an alley and moving fast.

Frost presses his hands against a window "Anyone else see something out there? Someone tell me if that was a hostile."

Stonewall pulls his head down from the hatch, saying, "I saw it too… Driver, got a read on whatever that is down that alley… about 7 seconds ago?" That said, he sticks his head back up, levelling his shotgun over the edge and aiming back that way…

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Here come the heavies."

Commlink-Snowman> Frost says, "Want me to speed them up and hope they crash, or slow them down?"

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Tell me what they are first. If they are hostiles, whatever. I think they are the competition howrver. Tactical comms, good formation."

Blindside moves Cerberus and Myrmidion to position to intercept..

Stonewall pulls his head down when he doesn't hear a reply, saying, "Anyone hear m… crap… someone toss me a spare comm, I always forget the damn things," and smacking himself upside the head.

Frost quickly orders a watcher to go find out what that was and report back.

Frost frowns "Elves, four, heavily armed, focused and some cyber, but not much. Mundanes as well. Your right, could be a runner team or a strike squad from the Magi."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Anyone got the number for trhe Magi?"

Commlink-Snowman> Frost says, "I can send a watcher to thier leader"

Stonewall looks over as he finishes pulling his helmet back on over top of the headset akwardly… he shakes his head, saying through the faceplace, "That can't be good for us then."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Tell them to break off their attack if they dont' want to get flattened. They have 20 seconds."

Commlink-Phoenix> Stonewall says, "Testing, test… 'long as that won't cheese em' off, go for it."

Frost sends a watcher to the sniper and one to the four elves "If you are hitting the Blood Razors, hold off for 15 minutes. Or we will attack you as well. We will be assaulting them then leaving, you can take the them after we leave."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "More… strenious… and direct language than I would have used, but what the fuck."

Commlink-Snowman> Frost says, "Its a magic message, that alone tells them this is serious."

Both the sniper and the tactical team pull up short when the watcher appears. The tac team pauses and immediately drops into a guard position on the spot, the team lead getting on comms, likely to contact his superior. The sniper simply continues firing while he speaks into his own comm. However it works out, the message has been delivered.

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Sensor read has stopped and is holding position. Proceeding to create stairs."

Commlink-Phoenix> Stonewall says, "Copy that, braced until you tell me to roll."

Commlink-Snowman> Frost says, "When we go in, throw a flash grenade into the room, then enter. No sense getting sloppy."

"Hang on. We are 10 seconds to drop. Supressive fire routines are engaging now." Says Blindside over the comms. Thats when the chattering starts from the right and the left. The guns on Mymmidon open up, matched by the ones on Cerberus. Lead and light fill the air as the first floor of the building is just -shreaded- by high speed tungsten rounds. Two men at the front door rush out, but promptly… Vanish in to a fine red mist. One gun appears in a window, but falls just as quickly as the fully automatic assault cannons…. Do what assault cannons do.

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Target softened. Prepare for deployment."

Commlink-Carpenter> Carpenter says, "I copy, as well. Ready t' engange."

Frost commands his elementals "Hit it!" This sends his three elementals to secure the girl.

Stonewall starts climbing up before told to deploy, getting up on the roof even in the middle of all this chaos like he's Superman… shotgun gets held one-handed, his other one holding onto the outside of Myrmidon for now, looking away from the building and down into the hatch, waiting to throw an arm down to help heft… whatever… up.

Carpenter stands by the hatch, LMG at the ready, flicking a last ciggerette butt to the deck of the APC and reaffixing the resperiator.

Frost sends a watcher inside the building "How many stairs up to the second floor?" he orders it to report to him.

The guns cycle down only a half second after the sound of airbreaks. The Leviathan heavy transport slides, I shit you not, sldies around to grind the side of its bulk against the building in a slight love tap. Nothing dangerous, just for show, but it sure does look good for the Trids. "GO GO GO GO!"

The watcher reports back that there are an even dozen steps from the ground floor to the top floor.

Frost smacks his forehead, and knew that was coming "Jupiter! Block the staircase, nothing gets by without my orders!"

Stonewall starts doing what trolls, even weak-ass trols like himself, do best. Lift and carry… Carpenter, Frost, they're topside before he swings his gun 'round, blasting a pair of shells into the wall, quick test to see if these Shock Lock rounds'll do their magic on whatever they built this tower out of… (Barrier 16 or less? *MUNCH* Weak wall. *CRUMBLE* Door in wall.)

The earth elemental takes a position at the base of the stairs, obeying orders quite neatly in fact, though there is a limit to everything.

Frost gets up on top after Carpenter, then tosses a flash grenade into the hole made by Stonewall, and then turns away and closes his eyes "Fire in the hole!"

A bright flare lights the street for a split second and fades, leaving afterimages in your vision for minutes after.

Blindside's speakers start PUMPING the volume on trog-rock. AS loud and disorienting for the unaware as possible.

Frost switches to astral vision, letting his magical gaze see what his eyes cannot, he holds his taser ready and waves a hand "Go you two!"

Carpenter jumps /in/, rather, on top of the second floor, then! Still tries to take some cover.

The truck stopped, Blindside shifts his perceptions to Cerberus, the engine growling as it spins around to face the 'watchers' house. Goliath moves with it, turning and just… WATCHING. Daring. Warning.

Inside is a scene from a horror flick, nothing else could really describe it so succinctly. A half dozen guards are in the room with a variety of automatic weapons trying desperately to rescue the two guards that are in the process of suffocating. The walls are decorated in blood red graffiti, some looking as if it were dried blood, furniture, what there is of it, is broken and torn. As soon as the runners enter, that situation changes, just slightly. The guards that aren't trying to find out how to breathe through an air elemental can hardly miss a troll jumping through a hole in their wall, and they respond appropriately. With levelled firearms and squeezed triggers.

Stonewall dives in right after Carpenter, levelling his shotgun over the gyro'ed human and waving it around… ending up staring down a *LOT* of gunbarrels, and cursing… because he knows his doctor is going to give him an EARFUL in the morning…

When the first of the faux homeless shows their face, Myrmidon steps forward, two steps. Its arm-guns come up, stitching a pair of machine gun lines across the road, sweeping in such a fashion as to draw a line in the sand.

The homeless pause in their tracks and retreat as soon as the mechanical monster's arms come up. The line stitched in the sand is almost unecessary, but a clear message nonetheless.

Carpenter does not like flash grenade. Does not like the endless waiting in an NPC. Does not like the fact that there's enough things out here that can kill him, and the people he's going to owe his life to are /probably/ unprofessional anarchists. And all of this can be bottled up. And then directed as he enters the room.


He works his way from left, to right, his weapon cutting a controlled swath through the three gangers on that side. The first two would be cut up, lower chest and abdomen shots causing massive tissue damage and extreme pain, if not instant death… the thrid one just gets an arm grazed. And Carpenter pauses, looking right at him.

Stonewall is slower than the combat-equipped gunsmith that led the way, but when he shifts into gear the floor shakes from his 300kg bulk _MOVING_ as if on rails, hiptwisting around Carpenter and sliding… inertia letting him come to a stop just in front of the lead guard that just laughed off that massive volley of gunfire… the sound of servos on his gun locking into place is audible in that brief fragment of time after that first set of gunblasts as he lifts it to his eyes… and then half the room loses it's paint, it's upholstery, and much the same happens to the four still standing in the room. That boomstick ends up diving into the ceiling and leaving a dent as he steps back, letting the recoil dissipate harmlessly as thousands of rubber-coated densiplast balls spray across everyone else. It has much the same effect as the spirits Frost sicced on the two lucky ones, poleaxing them to the ground and leaving their chest's burning from the impacts, unable to breathe. He turns, shouts, "CLEAR!" over one shoulder.

Frost looks in the hole in the wall, his taser ready. He surveys the carnage and steps inside "Um….good work." he then looks around for any signs of where the girl is.

Outside, facing down the other house, Myrmidon does the robot, then moonwalks. It's easy. It's a robot.

Carpenter looks over to the massive troll, with the… very good shotgun, letting his machine gun fall to the floor. "Right. Clear. Jesus fuckin' Christ, when th' fuck did I end up th' comic relief in th' Desert Wars?" He says, panning around to trying an sight the girl.

Other than the radical redecoration, you know how it is, you just get the urge to throw an unconscious guard here, and here, and maybe one over there for when company comes over… the room is fairly barren aside from a locked steel door in hte wall opposite your own home-made door.

Frost moves over to one of the guards that was standing near the door and begins to search him for a way to open the door, like hopefully a key…


Sure enough, buried in the blood and spilled entrails of the first guard to be ripped asunder is a smal metal key.

Frost picks up the key and puts it in the lock, then opens the door with his taser ready, just in case.

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Come on come on come on! Neighbors are getting restless!"

Inside the small room, closet really, is just enough space for the wooden chair and a redheaded girl in her late teens. Gagged and bound to the chair, the girl has clearly seen plenty of abuse since her capture and stares in wide-eyed panic at Frost, not making a sound as she waits to find out what fate brings to her next.

Frost looks to the others "Anyone got a knife to cut her lose?" he moves forward and removes the gag "You are Julia Henderson right?"

Stonewall swings the shotgun to his side, saying, "Just take the whole chair for now, we'll deal with it in the tank on the trip out. Any hatch I can fit through, a chair can," as he starts collecting guns from all the guards he took down. They went down like puppets, but he knows why… it's temporary, they'll wake up soon.

The teenager nods, here eyes wide in fright. That was alot of noise outside for an ivory tower girl. Her voice cracks as she answers "That's meEEe… who are you?"
Carpenter moves to toss Frost a Cogaur.

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "NO TIME FOR LOVE DACTA JONES!"

Carpenter as well, looks back to the front, keeping his head on a swivel. Some of them might still be alive. They're could be reinfocements…

Frost gets behind the chair and pushes it into the room "Not important who we are." He gets the knife from Carpenter and cuts the girl free "Just follow us, do what we say and it will be alright." he looks to the others "Lets go people." he leads the girl back to the hole in the wall and out to the transport.

Loud noises begin to echo from downstairs, beginning with a door slamming open and a multitude of footsteps followed by loud shouts and an earthshaking thud that is quite probably an earth elemental doing its thing.

The girl tries to stand and obey, but her legs just won't do it and she falls on her face. Hands and feet are bare and bone white from the tight bonds she's worn for the past day.

Stonewall heads to the tank-hatch, arms full of whatever guns the guys inside had levelled at them as he drops them like litter into the tank… he jumps in on top of them a moment later, uncaring if the salvaged guns turn into scrap or not as he calls up, "JUMP! I'll catch ya' all!" and waits for just that.

Frost helps the girl up and tries to half carry her, he isnt a troll after all, just a human. He helps her to the transport.


The girl struggles bravely, but isn't really much help in getting to the rig, much less help getting inside.

Frost struggles as well, trying to drag the girl to the vehicle if thats what it takes, then pushing her inside to the troll, he hasn't the time to be gentle

A few spiteful bullets fly through the door at the warning from the Myrmidon, but only a few as the majority of those inside are almost certainly occupied with dealing with the earth elemental saying 'no' very forcefully.

Once inside, the girl simply crumples to the ground, moaning quietly at the pain as circulation tries to restart in her limbs.

"YOU WERE WARNED." The chainguns open up again, spitting bullets out with the alacrity of fully automatic heavy weaponry. The Rig backs out now, moving away from the building and back on to the road.

Stonewall is rather more gentle with whatever gets lobbed his way, setting folks and gear down in seats one by one, counting off audibly, "Stonewall! Passenger! Frost! Carpenter!" before reaching up to slam the hatch shut, calling out, "CLEAR!" inside the cabin as that metal plate locks home.

Frost gets into the rig and gets on his comm "Everyones in, lets roll." he sends watchers to the four elves and the sniper "Thank you for waiting, feel free to do whatever you like."
He also mentally commands his elementals to return to thier native plane for now.

Carpenter does a bit of a run at the call for the evacuation, moving his weapon in storage behind him on his mount, before /leaping/ down from the top, getting… caught. Well. That was embarassing. He buckles up and grumbles something about unorthodox procedure as the APC moves out.

Myrmidon turns then, its massive legs bounding it down the street. "ON DANCER, ON PRANCER, ON COMET CUPID, ON DONNER AND BLITZEN! FUCK YOU ALL I'M GOING HOME!"

Stonewall flumps onto the ground in the middle of the crew-compartment of the tank, saying, "Yeesh… you okay, Miss?" to their rescued gal, trying to bring her down to reality in the steel can they're rumbling away in…

And the runner team drives peacefully from the warrens. Yeah, it's the warrens. Yeah, usually there'd be a massive problem getting out. Usually two gangs haven't been bent over a barrel and sodomized with machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, high power magic, and elementals either. The only people on the road that even might try to stop their escape are serious contenders for the Darwin awards, and last about as long.


The girl just shudders quietly, not responding to much of anything as her mind tries to wrap itself around the trauma of the past couple of days. Indeed, it isn't long at all before it's just too much and she falls unconscious. Remaining that way until after she's been delivered to the Johnson and his associate.

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