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Weapon Conceal Reach Damage Weight Avail Cost SI Legal Skill
Club 5 1 (Str+1)M Stun 1 2/6h 10 1 6-C Clubs
Extendable Baton 9/5 1 (Str+1)M Stun 1 3/24h 25 1 6-C Clubs
Mace, Normal 4 1 (Str+3)M Stun 2 5/48h 150 2 5-C Clubs
Mace, Spiked 3 1 (Str+1)M 2 5/48h 150 2 4-C Clubs
Rattan Stick 5 1 (Str+1)M Stun 0.2 2/6h 10 1 8-C Clubs
Sai 6 (Str+2)L Stun 1 4/48h 100 2 8-C Clubs
Sap 8 0 (Str+2)M Stun 0 2/6h 10 1 8-C Clubs
Stun Baton 4 1 6S Stun 1 3/36h 750 1 5-C Clubs
Stun Baton, AZ-150 5 1 8S Stun 1 3/36h 1,500 2 5-C Clubs
Tonfa * 5 1 (Str+1)M Stun 1 4/24h 50 1 6P-C Clubs

Anything from a hickory “tire-knocker” to a baseball bat to a piece of 2 x 4 with a rusty nail.
Source: SR 3rd Edition, page 275
Extendable Baton

An extendable baton consists of either a hard shaft or flexible-coil shaft that telescopes out of a handle when flicked sharply. When collapsed, the baton is more easily concealed than a standard club. When extended, it has a Concealability of 5.
Source: Cannon Companion, page 10
Mace, Normal

A mace is essentially a club with a weighted mass, often studded or spiked, on the end. This inflicts stun damage.
Source: Cannon Companion, page 10
Mace, Spiked

Made to inflict physical damage due to it's mass, a spiked mace is intended to even penetrate armor.
Source: Cannon Companion, page 10
Rattan Stick

A lightweight club popular with martial artists, especially the fast-moving techniques of Filipino stick-fighting. Because the sticks weigh very little, treat these clubs as flechette ammunition for determining damage. Against unarmored opponents, a rattan stick inflicts (STR+1)S Stun damage, and against armored targets the damage is (STR+1)M Stun and the target uses his ballistic armor or double Impact for the Damage Resistance Test, whichever is higher.
Source: Cannon Companion, page 10

A three pronged defensive weapon that originated in Okinawa. While the sai can be used to inflict Stun damage, its primary function is to trap and hold an opponent's weapon, thereby disarming him. A sai adds 2 dice to any attempt to disarm an opponent wielding a firearm, or melee weapon with a Reach of 1 or less.
Source: Cannon Companion, page 10

A small, springy club, specially designed for concealability.
Source: Shadowrun 3ed Edition, page 275
Stun Baton

The standard riot-control weapon, this weighted stick delivers an electrical charge.
Source: Shadowrun 3rd Edition, page 275
Stun Baton, AZ-150

This high-energy stun baton was designed for use by security forces against orks, trolls, and other large opponents. Though it delivers a bigger jolt than the standard stun baton, it carries only enough charge for 12 uses. The baton can be recharged at a rate of 1 use per five minutes of recharging.
Source: Cannon Companion, page 10
Tonfa *

This is one of the traditional weapons of Karate (the others are the bo, eiku, kama, nunchaku, sai, tekko, and timbe and rochin). It consists of a truncheon with a handle protruding at 90 degrees near one end. It is often used in pairs. The Indonesian counterparts to the tonfa are the segu, which is used in Tapak Sutji Pentjak-Silat, and the kwai, which is used in Kuntao.

Game Notes: The tonfa is as often used for defense as offense. As such, the player gains a +1 to Impact Armor in the same manner as Forearm Guards, as the player can rapidly spin the tonfa along their forearm to block incoming blows.
This item is incompatible with Forearm Guards, if both are worn/used, just one bonus is useable.
You DO need Clubs skill in order to gain the armor bonus as well.
Source: +info gear custom melee tonfa
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