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Model Hand Speed Accel Body Armor Sig Auto Pilot Sensor CF Load Seat Entry Fuel Econ S/B L/T Chassis SI Avail Cost
Thundercloud Pinto 4/2 85 4 2 0 2 0 - 0 8 40 3m - G (50 l) 10 km/l - - ATV 1 2/48h 35,000
Thundercloud Pinto

Similar Models: Jeep Rover, EUC Veldt and the Nissan Tornado
The Pinto is manufactured in Pueblo, and their attention to detail and focus in creating a design that could flourish across the untamed wilds of their nation has paid off. Technically a trike, the vehicle's tri-wheel base and balloon tires enable the Pinto to handle almost any terrain it finds.
Features: -
Source: Rigger 3, page 158

Seating Codes Entry Codes Fuel Codes
b = bench seat c = canopy D = diesel
e = ejection seat d = standard door, hinged E = Electric battery
m = motorcycle seat f = standard door, rear facing door EC = Electric Fuel Cell
g = double-sized gate-style entry G = gasoline
h = rooftop hatch Jet = jet turbine
r = rear ramp JP = jet propeller
r = rear ramp M = Methane
t = trunk R = rocket fuel
x = double-sized rearfacing door
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