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Name Conceal Ballistic Impact Weight Availability Cost Street Index Legality
Fine Clothing 0 0 1.0 Always 500 1 Legal
Leather, Real 0 2 1.0 Always 750 0.75 Legal
Leather, Synthetic 0 1 1.0 Always 250 0.6 Legal
Null Suit * 0 0 20 16/24d 15,000 3 Legal
Ordinary Clothes 0 0 1.0 Always 50 0.8 Legal
Ruthenium Jumpsuit * 0 0 0.25 5/14d 30,000 2 Legal
Tres Chic Clothes 0 0 1.0 Always 1,000 1 Legal
Fine Clothing

This is considered the norm of clothing for those living High Lifestyle.
Source: Shadowrun 3 Base Rules, page 284
Leather, Real

Clothing made out of leather, popular with some lifestyles and motorcycle enthusiasts. Real leather is harder to come by, so the much steeper price compared to synthleathers.
Source: Shadowrun 3 Base Rules, page 284
Leather, Synthetic

Clothing made out of leather, popular with some lifestyles and motorcycle enthusiasts. Synthethics can be mass produced thus the significantly lower price in comparison to real leathers.
Source: Shadowrun 3 Base Rules, page 284
Null Suit *

A null suit is a thermally-insulated bodysuit designed to mask all body heat, using a combination of cooling capillaries and a photoelectric transformer that converts infrared emissions from the body higher up the EM spectrum, beyond the receptive range of most thermographic sensors. This suit renders its wearer undetectable not only to thermo vision but also to motion sensors which primarily operate by measuring sudden changes in infrared radiation.

Those who wear the null suit gain an additional +2 modifier when thermographic and/or motion sensors are trying to detect them. This +2 modifier also applies to the character's Signature.

On the downside, the suit is incredibly bulky, reducing the wearer's Combat Pool by 2. When combining the Null Suit with other armor, use armor layering rules and consider the Null Suit to have the equivalent of Ballistic Armor 8 for calculation purposes.
It does not provide any armor otherwise.
No additional armor modification can be made.
Source: Denver Custom Item
Ordinary Clothes

Clothes. Look down, you are wearing them.
Source: Shadowrun 3 Base Rules, page 284
Ruthenium Jumpsuit *

This is an unarmored, extra baggy jumpsuit. It can go over most forms of armor without any layering modifiers or combat pool loss, so long as you are currently suffering no layering penalties or combat pool loss due to armor.

The jumpsuit contains a fairly large database of patterns, and can download new patterns when connected to the matrix. Changing patterns is as easy as a single complex action. Most camo patterns are available, giving the same +4 stealth test TN modifier as is expected from a camo full suit. The jumpsuit also can pass for Fine Clothing under other color schemes and anywhere in between. It cannot pass for tres chic.

The jumpsuit never comes with sensors. Users have been known to modify the jumpsuit aftermarket with sensors to give it active camouflage capabilities.

Game Stats: Can change color schemes at will. Holds up to 100 color schemes. If used to make a relevant camouflage, adds +4 to the open stealth test. May act as Fine Clothing or anything less fashionable. May not be used if suffering layering penalties. May not be used with milspec or security grade armors.
Source: Denver Custom Item
Tres Chic Clothes

Clothing that is tres chic is most often worn by those living Luxury Lifestyle. Mostly individually crafted to the customers body and with some extras that make the little difference to get noted in certain circles. Nothing to walk in if you want to stay unnoticed for sure.
Source: Shadowrun 3 Base Rules, page 284
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