2019 08 06 2

Tue Aug 6 2079

Mount Shasta, Disputed Zone, Hestabys Lair (Cont.)

It is a war zone, something the Hollywood Studios would kill for. Every cliche comes to mind in an action movie. When it is all said and done, half of SK forces at Mount Shasta are now counted as a pound of flesh for the physical adept - but not before taking Deadly damage himself. His body riddled with grave wounds, flesh in places in ribbons, he suffers staggering magic loss and only a matter of time until he bleeds out somewhere without proper medical attention. He smiles a ragged bloody loose-toothed grin feeling the rare Dragon Relic, The First Coin of Luck, is in his pocket. The hounds of Saeder-Krupp on his heels. The mushroom cloud of smoke above Mount Shasta portends greater change in the air.

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