2019 08 06 1

Tue Aug 6 2079

Mount Shasta, Disputed Zone, Hestaby?s Lair (Cont.)

Laz uses the combined kinetic magical action in him to subdue, eliminate, garrote, silence one pack of guards after another. A death machine with a singular goal. Occam's Razor is inevitable, and when the alarm trips he's already at over a dozen SK Black Ops agents under his built. Switching to heavy firepower to match a barrage from the corporation illegally squatting in the dragon's property. Machine gun barrels glow orange in the dark hallways of the labyrinth. Spells bullets and fists fly. A powerful mage, only known as Overseer, readies a last stand spell - something as powerful a small scale tacnuke in power - essentially vaporizing all biological targets in it's path, including the caster, with a white light of heat. .

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