2019 08 03

Sat Aug 3 2079

Trace Program Failed - Minimum Location Info: Public Vidphone, Downtown Denver.

Carpenter inputs the information on the burner and gets direct access to a prominent R&D Senior Exec at the DRACO Foundation, a Dr. Nigel Findley. Findley's security gets jammed up trying to trace this stranger on the other side.
Carpenter plays the kompromat for Dr. Findley. He's not here to make enemies, the samurai explains. But he wants in on the hunt for the recently and publically pilfered Artifact. Which itself was (allegedly) stolen from another party.

Dr. Findley passes along a confidential number, "Her name, the name we were given is Theresa Allhoff, Saeder-Krupp FRFZ Liasion Director. She's working directly for those who work directly for Him and our staff, including our Directors. Best I can do, I'm already in hot water….please promise this secret doesn't get out."

Once the data is exchanged, Carpenter bleaches the data on his end. "Promise is a promise."

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