2019 07 19 3

Fri Jul 19 2079

The Triangle District, CAS-FTZ

Witnesses spot a chunk of wall from the Draco Foundation skyscraper yanked off as if by magic, yet the prominent sound of a heavy helicopter's blades reverberate off the concrete canyons below.
The silhouette of bodies appear to jump from the hole in the building, arms outstretched and sail forth in multiple directions gliding away just as a LARGE orange fireball erupts from the point of departure. Flames licking the building up to it's roof. On the street people run, speed, scream.

The wall chunk hovers on it's own momentarily, then drops and crashes down onto the roof of a smaller building glass shards - hammering the streets. People run, duck, cover and it's over before it started. In the distance, sirens.

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