2019 07 19 1

Fri Jul 19 2079

Denver Datahaven / Shadowland Data Dump, News62 Story covers shortly after:

File Snippets, all alleged:

Jeremy Falloon, in his teens, dressed in the PoliClub outfit of Alamo 20K at a rally in Michigan. His face blurry, but unmistakable. An elf effigy burning in the foreground.

Jeremy Falloon, audio recording, (JF) It's a shame Mary didn't bite it in that attack. Still unsolved, which makes me wonder.

(Female Voice, Unidentified)Aw baby, we've got you covered. That sweet contract extension and me at your side…no one would take the chance. Now come here.

(JF) I like when you switch back into your southern accent. (voices laughing, audio cuts out)

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