2019 07 10 1

Wed Jul 10 2019

The Triangle District, CAS Downtown.

The Skyscrapers glitter like silver spires here, rising into the clouds above the pristine streets below. A Hughes Airstar glints in the midday sun as it traverses Denver's airspace and make way towards the Draco Foundation's tall building. Tight security was needed across Matrix, Mana, and physical. Draco's key research scientists and appraisers are present on the deck for the hand-off for the item: A dragon egg, glowing runes etched into it…from another time.

"Get a press release ready. Then, I want to know if this is viable…..and the worth. Because this did not fall out of the sky in Berlin." states a lean elven woman in protective but fashionable corporate gear.
"Copy that, Ms. Daviar" replies the lead scientist over the blades winding up again.

The rotocraft lifts into the air and it's Saeder-Krupp logo grows smaller over the horizon.

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