2018 09 04 1

Tue Sep 4 2078

The Warrens: Various locations

An underground railroad, of a kind, shudders from destruction, collapsing in on itself. The debris covers shot up bodies bearing Royals colors, abandoned pallets of smuggled goods, and tire tracks. The neighborhood above vibrates momentarily.

East Ridge Checkpoint: A van of unarmed Yakuza hitters wait for a meeting that never happens. Money invested, now with no return.

In Sunrise, Los Reyes Diablos work with locals in cleaning up the area, making do as they can with occasional help from non-profit aid groups.

South CAS Checkpoint aka The Sticks. Construction crews pour concrete over entrances, soon to be forever closed.

The Rez, a pair of Sinners report back to Mercy, two men just joined their dreklist: A hispanic-asian man and someone they could not see clearly

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