2018 07 27

Fri Jul 27 2078

South Hampden CAS District

The Fallen Angel is bustling - the crowd the right mix, the drugs are the right mix, the entertainment's the right mix. In other words, a Friday night.

Suddenly, three loaded up Nissan Patrol cars swarm the front entrance. Four Star officers a car. The lead team fires a headlight Flashpak burst via the driver's VCR before addressing the guards.
Warrants are mentioned, something about Council Special Directive 10-B. Hands up hands up hands up. Inside it's gel round bursts, plastic restrains, yelling and shouting. Some of the folks get away, a lot don't.

An armored westwind pulls up, tinted windows concealing inside. "Make sure the databases are extracted - we'll start running down SIN's. Anyone who's been here, any lead worth chasing down." Chief Rayland Heart silently toasts himself with a bottle of water.

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