2017 11 25 1

Sat Nov 25 2077

Denver Afternoon News // News62 Denver Affiliate // Reynaldo Cortez Hosts

"Lone Star has released video from the attack at Stage Perilous: People drink, some local shadow folks mill about in the camera angle. A group of men in suits walk up to another group of men in suits. Derek Simpson sprays blood as bullet wounds appear on his body out of nowhere. His cadre spray'n'pray. Glass and bodies are ripped through by bullets. The club triggers gas and the bulk of the patrons go down, a few manager to escape in a haze of cordite smoke and neurostun gas.

Lone Star releases photos from the bar just prior to the shootout: A few possible familiar faces - shadowrunners - among them. TIP LINE 1317, Cold Hard Credsticks For Positive Leads. Knight Errant releases conncurrent statement throwing shade on the rival security company.
BB media/13 for more info.

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