2017 11 24 1

Fri Nov 24 2077

Unknown Private Location // Shadow Medical Clinic

Aspanu Innocenti and Luther Sucreasi sip highballs in the antechamber of a private facility. Somewhere down the hall a man clings to life, even with the best medical and magical medical care, the body decays at it's own pace. Eventually, it all catches up. At least the best security money can buy is around this time.

"Falloon's not happy," Aspanu states.
"Is he ever? We're not making moves in the street. Drek, look what happens when we are. We're a news cycle away from memory, and then we can do our thang capo di tutti capo." The onyx colored ork raises his glass in a toast.
Aspanu frowns, "Lucciano's bound to be back soon. Funneled bail through his laundromat. I passed word through some cutouts- tribute, time, and attention will be on his docket."
"You think he's in on this?" the ork underboss asks.
Aspanu shakes his head. "Too dumb. No, Derek's flash and deficit were bound to catch up. But thing is, that's MY deficit that's owed to me. Simpson can't cash out until I'm cashed in." They go back to drinking in silence.

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