2017 11 06 9

Mon Nov 6 2077

The Warrens, North Central District Royals Territory

Lone Star and Knight Errant pull back, as though someone's ordering them on the other side. Slowly leap frogging back to the Aurora Perimeter.

Under the cover of night, and magic, a White Hat Squad of runners are here to reallllly realllly fuck with the powers that be.
Billybob, rotocraft-man extraordinaire, pilots an Ares TR-55T Tiltrotor with Nine, Mr.Terrific, Naomi, Myobu and Tamara on board. Cargo includes staples and sundry goods.

Through a combination of massively powered magic and technology they operate the equivalent of an invisible gunship. Why not donate all this power and money into a public trust fund instead? No fun!

As former prisoners run south through Heather Gardens towards Mission Hills, they're scooped up by our motley crew. Unfortunately, a few stragglers wind up prisoners/slaves of the Sinners and Mercy watches from a rooftop who's handling her future goods here. She doesn't like who she sees.

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