2017 11 06 8

Mon Nov 6 2077

News62 Broadcast

You're listening to News62!

"Conflicting stories start to appear tonight. Police abuse in what locals call the Warrens? Crime has been down since Kate Mustaffah's tragic death this summer, but at what cost? Our News62 Insta-Poll, powered by Warp Drive Systems, is showing an alarming decline in police approval as video shows many low level arrests are being dumped into un-patrolled areas I-I'm sorry…we're getting breaking news."

It appears there's been some kind of terror attack at Bull Run Shopping…I'm being told it's at least 30 deaths so far. Terrible news, obviously thoughts and prayers with the victims….

A Distorted Voice plays over the reporters' audio: "You cannot be everywhere at once. Either protect the SINners, or abuse the SINless. The choice is yours."

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