2017 11 06 6

Mon Nov 6 2077

The Warrens, Sunrise District // Reyes Territory

Several reporters arrive on the scene, UCAS side with help from Conchita's shadow network and gang connections. Slipping past the UCAS highway and into the Warrens proper, Conchita demonstrates to the reporters prisoners wounded by police, gangs, and other less savory types.

A zonked out trog high on BTL's jumps out a second story window and in front of the local Sunrise Soup Kitchen. He tears the skin from his face revealing cybernetic plates. "I AM KONG!"

As the journalists cower, Conchita levitates the troll and fires off a thunderclap sending him nearly a full block south into Blackheart territory. She looks at the group and warns them all: "This isn't what you do with the sick and the violent. Tell your story, please." The ten cent tour is enough conviction for these folks. Depressed at how things have gotten worse, not better, since Greenwich's demise she quietly enters the soup kitchen.

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