2017 11 06 5

Mon Nov 6 2077

News62 Special Bulletin: Chaos in Aurora?

Stringer Matt Degrassey accepts a file from his runner contact, a smoke and mirrors kind of guy who liked to be called "Chess". Matt knew this could be a risk for his career and he wanted a good amount of money to keep his mouth shut. And now he will.

The file is a carefully tailored on-the-scene documentary of the last few months in the Warrens. The depravity, the siege by law enforcement causing food and power shortages, the struggles of regular people. It's interspersed with very recent footage of police abuse (as well as violent gangs attacking both prisoners and Lone Star) both in the Warrens and in the CAS district. Inset images of Knight Errant internal memos between Director of Operations Christine Tancredi, Lone Star Denver Chief Quint Donaldson, and both UCAS and CAS Denver Council representatives.

Live polling shows a sudden decrease in police approval as the video is transmitted to local affiliate broadcasters.

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