2017 11 06 4

Mon Nov 6 2077

The Matrix // Knight Errant - Denver PLTG // Prisoner Processing Server

The Praying Mantis stealthily eludes and suppresses more IC in a half second than most wannabe hot dog deckers can in their lives. Follow the bread crumbs and it's a cake walk.

The paydata the decker seeks is encrypted behind several Tarpits linked to scramble.

It's crystalline claw whacks at the layers of Tar and quickly downloads the file: It's not all there, but it's corroborates collusion with representatives for the Denver Council and higher ups at Lone Star.

The decker quickly jacks out, when several Lone Star deckers arrive on scene. They're not fast enough to trace him, but in the lightning fast combat they score a hit - sizzling his program.

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