2017 11 06 12

Mon Nov 6 2077

When the dust settles on this fall night, Operation "Firebreak" is deemed an utter and total disaster. Meme's go out in the trix of "Erranting" from the mild destruction that happened at Knight Errant's PR office. UCAS and CAS judges work overtime to pardon prisoners and prevent lawsuits.

Lone Star Denver Chief Quint Donaldson will drink his scotch, email Elizabeth Kalheim his resignation, and stick his Ruger Thunderbolt in his mouth.

Christine Tancredi's politicking costs her inside Knight Errant, but there's potential with Quint's death when contract renewals start.

News62 initiates a series of exposes on "over-responding" to the summer gang wars. In time the Warrens will calm down and realign along forged alliances.

Lone Star and Knight Errant make a public show of pulling back from storm-trooper like tactics along the Aurora border, but you can't be too careful. In other words….thanks to the actions of some runners, life can go on.

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