2017 11 06 1

Mon Nov 6 2077

Within this Chaos, a motley pair of runners stand up for injustice.

Slinger, erstwhile friend to The Saints (or are they The Saviors now?), acts as producer with his cameraperson, Caranthir, in tow.

Slinger activates his network of contacts, hes good enough to get even Saints leader, Gabriel, to the front lines of The Struggle and to speak on camera and inspire a few more locals to join in the violent protest.

Were not the Stars garbage dump. Were people. Theyre treating anyone suspicious like an animal! the ganger states. * BLAM! BLAM!* Gabriel fires a Ruger Warhawk into the air towards a passing Lone Star Helicopter.

Caranthirs shaky camerawork is like an old-school gonzo journalism piece. First hes in an alleyway, then hes on a rooftop. Angles and angles and angles of deplorable acts in the name of keeping the peace.

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