2017 10 31

Tue Oct 31 2077

East Ridge // CAS District

Two Dozen Lone Star-contracted Heavy Transport vehicles moves to the Cherry Creek Check Point.
Inside of the vehicles are any individual arrested or even ticketed in the last two weeks.Those who were unable to provide a SIN, or committed significant offense, or were just in the wrong place were arrested. Now: Cuffed to metal chairs they rattle inside their transport.

The thick metal shielding hums with the road as each truck drives through streets decorated with cobwebs, Trid Phantasm spells, and the occasional trick or treeter. In the crisp fall air Lone Star patrol cars play leap-frog alongside the prisoner convoy, while aerial support and HTR teams cover the Check Point.

In a matter of minutes, the population of the Warrens will swell.

«Anyone attempting to leave Aurora OA will be shot on sight to stop resistance.», radioes a dispatcher.

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