2017 06 03

Sat Jun 3 2077

CAS District // The Rustbelt // Abandoned Factory Lot

A group of runners lend their talents to two opposing parties: Lazarus Jones, The Griffin in his so-called care, and the famous/infamous runner known as "Air" to some in pursuit.

It all comes down to the belching smoke stacks of discarded heaps of metal in this bleak industrial section of Denver.

Air and company head south - a lucky shot strikes a waiting helicopter for extraction of The Griffin. A luckier shot hits Air from a crane above. Air tuck/rolls off a rooftop. His friend floats him below. The sniper tucks in and attempts to hide. A distraction for the runner, his colleague (a powerful mage) spots Laz running away from the duo. Suddenly- fire and magical explosives surround them. A trap? They float above the toxic fire and smoke. There- 50 yards away tucked behind a warehouse, a quiet helicopter. A shot aimed, a shot fired- the helicopter's engine block makes a high whine. Elsewhere, locals begin to dial for fire emergency services.

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