2017 05 29

Mon May 29

Tir Taingire // Royal Hill // Various locations.

Lugh Surehand counters the High Council's vote of No Confidence. Live to fight another day. The meeting is adjourned to loud consternation.

In a High Prince executive decision, the Star Chamber is closed for the day and all members placed under arrest - under suspicion of collaborating with the Rinelle rebels. Surehand calls for an immediate small council at Royal Hill with Lowfyr and Hestaby, Dar Varfen, and Sosan Naerain.

Hestaby is a no show. Surehand releases a statement- Tir Taingire is on lockdown. Public PR: Unsubstantiated terror attacks from rebels. Private rumor: Until the royalty can determine if a 5th Column exists within his ranks, Surehand must centralize control. Lowfyr is elevated to a special counsel - SK Corp assets are ramped up, The Portland Wall construction extends further east and west. Inside Portland, mass rioting against Surehand: "Bring back the Orange Queen"

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