2017 05 27 5

Sat May 27 2077

Angel's Pool Hall // Shenandoah, The Warrens

Wire is looking to wheel and deal: I might know where Red from Shape13 is hiding. I'll arm you, and get you a bargaining chip in your new shared territory with the Sinners. Don't. Get flanked by leftover psycho's from Shape13! Take my Colts and assorted weaponry, please!

The Saints don't believe Fred, with everything happening they're concerned with the battle at hand it sounds like a rumor. Some of the leadership eye Fred's offered guns, but the Street Sam manages to keep his cool and convince them it's better not to mess with Wire. So he rambo's out east with APDS loaded Roomsweepers and makes bloody hay while the moon shines instead. Bye bye more DemoBoyz.

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