2017 05 27 4

Sat May 27 2077

Pushback: Sunrise // The Warzone //Tir Llewyn.

Doria connects with a motley crew of gangers including Mercy, the Sinners LT, and several runners.

With Conchita and Melody providing heavy cover fire, Dorian's cadre dodge bullets and melee around them to go southward- they hit an impasse just north of Tir Llewyn. Multiple mercenaries caught by surprise.

Naomi backs the group up, dropping several powerful stunball spells - which Mercy then slits every unconscious throat.. She toasts half a dozen elven gangers attempting to rush the group from one side.
Tamara and Hexe create a pincer attack, leading a few Royals into battle against the Demo Boyz. A high level mage blasts Tamara with a hellfire spell, but Tamara ducks just as the last words are cast- the spell past and into a lone Saint ganger- his burnt body crumbles quickly.

With a wedge open, and chaos abounding, Dorian and company stealth into Orktown.

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