2017 05 27

Sat May 27 2077

North Sunrise, Warrens

Blackhearts pin down the initial gathering of runners surprised by a blitzkrieg from the South and SouthEast. Dorian steps outside only to be pinned down by Blackhearts and a hired mercenary peppering the ground around him.

"I've got this.", comes the voice of the teen, Melody suddenly darting off. Seconds later, glimpses of her can be seen as she leaps from rooftop to rooftop along the flank, the jumps too far to be natural. Out of sight for a moment, a laser sight beams across from an alleyway to the gathered Blackhearts, a stutter of submachine gun fire and two gangers fall before they know what's happening.

The sound comes again and again, the Blackhearts return fire but the girl is too quick, darting forward and dodging fire, she slides to a stop behind a car and blind fires, cutting down more of the gang allowing Dorian to push forward. A single grenade finishes the last, the unconscious body of a Reyes thrown with the explosion to smack into the girl. "Frag off!", she mutters, pushing the smoldering body away.

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