2017 05 11 1

Thu May 11 2077

The Warrens, Eastern Aurora, Tir Lewyn-Ork Town

A battle cry is issued to take back the Warrens for the downtrodden. As resources have dwindled, any excuse to grab more makes sense. A small cadre of armed and trained mercenaries lead a small but literal army of gang bangers northward towards Sunrise. The Demo Boyz, The Leaf Cutters, The Blackhearts, and more. Magic, bullets and mayhem.

In the blitz members of Los Reyes Diablo are quickly cut down. A local soup kitchen weathers strafing runs from a collection of elemental's and drones on recon to report. Drek just got real, and real fast. Movers and shakers missing mean only one thing - it's time to act now!

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