2017 05 11

Thu May 11 2077

Multiple Locations // Rumored Information
An hour passes passes after the Shadow Auction. In the shadows word quickly spreads that arms dealer "The Griffin" has been kidnapped by a semi-notorious elf mercenary Lazarus. He has disappeared, seemingly, along with the other attendees.

In the western Warrens, one of the most powerful street sams, The Croc, is collecting information on his location.

In the CAS, an elite strike team listens in on tapped phone-lines disseminating information to a powerful fixer. The Griffin out of the picture? At The Fallen Angel - someone pulls the fire alarm to flush anyone hiding from inside. Place getting whittled down on a list…..

In Tir Taingire, the Council of Princes meet and issue a vote of 'No Confidence' to Lugh Surehand following pro-tracted internal attacks from rebels - and the nation rumbles. Elsewhere, in the Portland darkness, a Tir Ghost squad.

….There a moments when the dynamic shifts and interests align. Flashpoints.

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