2017 05 06 1

Sat May 6 2077

Tir Taingire // Unknown Location

The orange-flamed kissed hair of Hestaby's human form stares at Dar Varfen. They discuss the ramifications of absentia, preventing a veto vote. The Star Chamber, originally designed as a facade of democracy has managed to put enough pressure this go around to really enflame things.

"I'm sorry Hestaby, but I thought there was more time. Surehand's expecting a vote tonight."

He'll never see it coming, will he? the Dragon asks via mindlink. Dar Varfen shakes his head.
Let the chips fall where they may, I tire of negotiating. Dar Varfen gulps, "His people are still making movements, that mad dog-" Hestaby cuts Dar Varfen off with a spell of silence.

Peace Forces rally at the Wall of Portland at Checkpoint Charlie. Elsewhere, the Star Chamber remains in session loudly.

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