2017 04 29 1

Sat Apr 29 2077

The Warrens // The Rez // The Souk and Souk Diner
The peaceful Saturday night bazar is interrupted by someone tossing a plastic grenade into the middle of the area. "Bomb," someone shouts. As people run, the gunman sets up a light machine gun atop the Aurora Project. He sights a trio, two men and a woman, sitting across the street at the Souk Diner. One of them senses something and quickly overturns a table.
The belted LMG burps bursts of gunfire - shattering the windows, the overturned table, and a local fixer and ex-lawyer to shreds. The last flicker of Mouse escapes from her soul as she collapses into a bloody rag doll. The gunman smiles.

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