2017 04 24

Mon Apr 24 2077

Various Locations: Tir Taingire // Cal-Free Disputed Border // Denver

A whirlpool of refugees form from two separate conflicts. They amass at the disputed borders of Tir/Cal-Free:
Saito and his forces push metahumans through a meat grinder. Lugh Surehand's Peace Force combat Rinelle Ke'Tesrae in Euegene. In Salem, a dirty-bomb found before it ignites - similar in make to one that exploded in Cheyenne.

In Denver, corporate intrigue and smuggling runs abound. Blood in the proverbial boardroom, as the news increasingly focuses on smoldering gang disputes in Aurora.

Finally, in the CAS District, a handful of arms dealers, fixers, and brokers are found dead or have gone missing.

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