2017 04 23

Sun Apr 23 2077

Cheynne // 'The Cut' neighborhood // Sioux Nation Capitol

The hot push of wind didn't help. Radioactive leftovers from a 20th century Military base find. A density gauge. Some semtex. Enough PR to handle the rest.

The carbomb was pretty big - police were on site within ten minutes. Internal car-based detectors went off. Then the news went into their own kind of cycle. Maybe a blip on News62 - "dirty bomb".

Sioux military rolled in and quarantined most of southern Cheyenne's bad neighborhood. Agitated civilians shot and killed. Witnesses said a few elves were spotted nearby and a female human in "gang clothes" before the bomb went off. 23 killed in auto-accidents attempting to get away from the site.

No known motive. A similar bomb went off in Salem, Tir Taingire two weeks ago. So it goes.

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