2016 11 30 5

Wed Nov 30 2076

CAS South, Castle Rock, The Ragdoll

A trio of runners: A scarred gunsel, a shy but generous street shaman, and a curious dwarf rigger pool their resources for a major sit-down:

Represenatives from The Sinners, The Saints, Los Reyes Diablo, The Royals and even the AAC have agreed to put aside their beefs to hear Dorian and co. out: Let's counter-coup. Let's get with the times. Organize. Strategize. Prep to kill Greenwich, not each other.

The Sinners were a no brainer. The Saints were to keep balance. The Royals had mob juice and what Dorian did to get King Steve's people to the table…well he'd have to think on that later. The "Bueno Brujah" as Los Reyes sometimes referred to the shaman had nothing to lose and everything to gain and agreed with her thinking. K, the dwarven rigger, pulled some strings and managed to get a drone from the Ack Acks down here.

The gangs listened, but they had their own pound of flesh to request in return.

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