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Wed Nov 30 2076

CFS-Tir Disputed Territory, 2.5 Miles North of Yreka

Hee Haw runs ECCM in her T-Bird, ghosting past CFS borders and nudges the vehicle a half-click shy of a a group of Tir irregulars known as The Hunt. Weekend warrior types eager to prove their worth. The Johnson, keys his comm »This is Knight. Drop Jesse and I north and circle back to counter-attack. Over.«

Jesse's eyes flash green and his shaman mask is simply a ghastly dead-skin palor. The duo trudge through the woods and get the jump on The Hunt patrol. "For CalFree you dandelions!" shouts Knight. Bullets tear up their ATV and wound a few in their legs - satisfied with their shouts of frustration and surprise. He rolls behind cover as AK-97' rip up the tree he was behind earlier. Knight looks towards Jesse who stands up and walks calmly towards the patrol.

Green flames cover the Shaman as he moves towards the group. The ground sizzles beneath each step. Bullets melt as they impact Jesse's body….

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