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Wed Nov 30 2076

The Warrens, Orktown-Warzone Border

Rex, The Warrens Warrior himself, patrols the moonscape of the south east Warzone- territory recently gained by the Horsemen and Greenwich's mercenary cadre. The cybered street samurai wields his Ares Alpha like a scythe, cutting down a trio of Royal's. Their puny SMG's bounce off of his armor like raindrops on a tin roof. What did they want? Who cares. Kill'em if they're not with the New World Order or Orktown proper. For good measure Rex walks over towards the pile of bodies and drops a grenade on them.

From a distance a couple of Silverthorns quake in their boots at the menacing Rex's actions. "Remind me not to frag with that one," quips a ganger. The troll's stature rises, impressing even Greenwich himself.

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