2016 11 30

Wed Nov 30 2076

Tir Taingire - CalFree, No-Man's Land

Laz, a runner with a past in both nations, was shocked by the news of the attack on Aidan. Laz needed to get behind the lines and into the Tir. Concerned, but seeking evidence to do anything, he makes contact with the right rigger for the right price: Gomorrah, an alcoholic and ruddy faced pilot. Gomorrah's tattered "Lone Star Rebels" field jacket and red/white/blue spray-painted IWS Kommando indicative of the man's nationalistic views.

The smuggler's run was uneventful, the aircraft riding dangerously low along the coast and north towards Coors Bay. Suddenly, alarms blare. "Frag!" shouts Gomorrah over the PA. Two Bell Sikorsky drones fire belt fed machine guns, tailing Laz and his partner. Bullets chew through the cockpit.

"Hold Tight!" Maneuvers and Counter-Maneuvers are taken through the Siuslaw Forest, east toward Corvallis the chase ends. As calm settles, a surface to air missle explodes just barely missing the chopper. Shrapnel cuts the gas line and Laz's torso. The chopper fish-tails and spins, diving hard and crash-lands somewhere south of Albany near a Rinelle ke'Tesrae (rebel) strong-hold. A dozen men and women with assault rifles surround the smoking helicopter. "Well, we made it!" Gomorrah offers cheerily.

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