2016 11 23 1

Wed Nov 23 2076

Warrens, Tir Lewyn, Orktown, Various Locations

Precision magical strikes. Messy mass acts of melee violence. NO-no-no-please-stop begging.

Goblin Yell's ranks are decimated in double-cross killings across Orktown. Winston Hamish is personally gutted by the DemoBoyz's Chainsaw with an actual chainsaw, his last words: "Brotherhood".

Black Eyed Susan pumps round after round from an AK97 into the deformed beaten down body of Lugburz, splayed and shattered across the floor of The Big House. Goblin Yell stash houses are raided, or burned down, or both. All members killed or drafted into Orktown proper. Nigel Greenwich's personal bodyguards trigger timed elemental attacks against the Silverthorns. The leader, himself equipped with paramilitary skills, remains missing possibly dead as well.

Any gang member not down with The New World Order, not down with quashing beefs is murdered and done so publicly and violently. Money > Racism. Me > You. Blood and bullets across the Warrens.

By the end, The Blackhearts, The Horsemen and DemoBoyz, The Silverthorns, hold a huge swath of territory and you don't fuck with them anymore.

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