2016 11 23

Wed Nov 23 2076

Warrens, Last Chance Saloon, Widely Rumored

Seated at the table: The heads of the Demo Boyz, the Black Hearts, the Horsemen, the Silverthorns, Goblin Yell, and Nigel Greenwich himself.

Surrounding them, armed and armored mercenaries, and one bartender.

"This is the new world order," Greenwich begins and smiles from behind his large round glasses, "-and the new world order is this: Your lives are drek. Your causes are drek. Your goals are drek. If you combine those things, you get less drek." Winston, Goblin Yells leader, spits on the ground and without a word leaves. "If you take my example, you'll manage to survive."

And so a new alliance begins to take shape….

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